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Illegal aliens allegedly sexually assaulted 77 children in NC in October… and it’s only the fourth highest month this year



Illegal aliens allegedly sexually assaulted 77 children in NC in October and its only the fourth hig

If there’s one crime that rarely gets reported by progressive mainstream media, it’s sexual assaults against children allegedly committed by illegal aliens. One must dive deep into independent media reports to learn of this growing problem in the United States because to media institutions that defend Democratic policies, reporting on such heinous acts by illegal immigrants is a non-starter. They’ll keep the stories buried for as long as possible, indefinitely whenever they can.

One group that’s keeping track in their home state is NCFire, “North Carolinians For Immigration Reform and Enforcement.” The group, established in 2007 to combat illegal immigration in North Carolina, has been keeping track of child sexual assaults committed by illegal aliens since 2009. They publish monthly reports compiled through public records, verifying the immigration status of each accused illegal alien.

Their October Child Rape report was shocking when I saw it. 30 illegal immigrants were arrested last month on cases that surround 77 underage victims. The numbers are only based on arrest records, so there’s no way to know how high the actual number of child sexual assaults goes. But what makes it worse is knowing this wasn’t even a high number relative to other months this year. January and July each had over 170 reported child rapes in which an illegal alien was arrested for the crimes.

Democrats tend to diffuse questions about crimes like these by saying American citizens are just as likely to commit these hideous crimes, so there’s no reason to try to place extra blame on illegal immigration. But it’s a disingenuous argument because of the important point they avoid. American citizens are supposed to be here, as are legal immigrants. Illegal immigrants are not supposed to be here. They’re supposed to go through proper channels and the designated process to enter and live in the United States, but they do not.

It’s like saying heart disease is just as likely to be fatal as getting stabbed in the stomach. The difference is the heart is supposed to be inside your body. The knife is not.

The left is quick to weep over migrant children being put in “cages” but they completely ignore American children subjugated to the sexual whims of illegal immigrants. That narrative doesn’t help them, so they pretend it doesn’t exist.

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