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October job report shows record low unemployment for black Americans



It’s unfortunate the Democratic Party has such a stranglehold over the African-American vote. Empirical evidence shows African-Americans tend to do much better and prosper more with Republican policies in place, but propaganda has turned a majority of black voters against the party that ended slavery, drove the civil rights movement, and helped Martin Luther King Jr. reach millions of Americans.

The latest job reports is no exception to the propaganda being pushed by the left. Despite it demonstrating the lowest unemployment rate for African-Americans in our nation’s history, it’s being spun by the left as somehow a form of oppression. It’s like Orwellian Newspeak has completely taken over a society that somehow believes the phrase “All Lives Matter” and low unemployment rates are oppressive.

This video by One America News details the jobs report and highlights Project 21‘s co-chair Horace Cooper’s explanation of how things have improved for African-Americans under President Trump after failures under President Obama.

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