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Tactical Ops Brewing makes great beer and Epstein didn’t kill himself



Tactical Ops Brewing makes great beer and Epstein didnt kill himself

Conspiracy theory? Political statement? Viral marketing? Who cares? Tactical Ops Brewing company has a message for those who drink their beer. “Epstein didn’t kill himself.”

The meme that’s been seen on store shelves and heard during live news broadcasts has made it to the world of alcohol thanks to the central California brewery’s new messaging at the bottom of their beer cans. This limited-run message is already getting them plenty of attention to the point that their Facebook page joked they might end up suffering the same fate as Jeffrey Epstein. The millionaire pedophile allegedly committed suicide in his federal jail cell, but conspiracy theories have questioned the official account based on mounting evidence he was actually murdered.

Tactical Ops Brewing

Manager Carlos Tovar wondered if they could print the message on some cans because “it’s a big thing right now.” Around 54 packs of Basher Oatmeal Stout will carry the messaging at the bottom. Next week, the patriotic brewers, whose founders all have family in the military, will change the message to “Happy Birthday Marines.”

Most memes are very short-lived, but expect this one to linger longer than usual and pop up later at unexpected times. The prevailing conspiracy theory is that Epstein had dirt, likely of an underage sexual nature, on power men around the world from Prince Andrew to Bill Clinton. From federal security guards skipping their duties to cameras mysteriously malfunctioning to bones in his neck discovered to be broken, many conspiracy theorists and average Americans believe Epstein was “suicided.”

Here’s a video from Saturday’s pregame interviews at the Alabama-LSU football game, which President Trump attended. The meme found its way into the live broadcast.

As conspiracy theory memes go, it’s hard to find one that pops up in a more diverse range of circumstances. But the bottom of a beer can may just take the cake… for now. Meanwhile, the truth may never be fully disclosed.

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