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Support for impeachment is already falling: Poll



Support for impeachment is already falling Poll

How much can Americans stomach of non-stop impeachment coverage on mainstream media? It seems for some, six weeks is more than enough. The latest poll regarding support for impeachment fell 4% since the middle of last month when the impeachment inquiry was just a couple of weeks old. Now, it’s just old, period.

It’s no wonder that support is already fading even though the public portion of the hearings haven’t even begun. House Republicans will finally have some rights going forward, so it’s a poor sign for Democrats who couldn’t maintain momentum and public sentiment in the majority for more than a month. The agreement levels for impeachment fell from a slight 51% majority to a 47% plurality.

Support for impeachment slips 4 points from October: poll for President Trump impeachment slipped 4 percentage points since mid-October, according to a poll released Wednesday.

The Morning Consult survey found that 47 percent of respondents now back impeachment. In mid-October, a record-high majority — 51 percent — supported it.

Responses on how House Democrats have managed the inquiry are also virtually unchanged in the new survey, with more than 4 in 5 Democrats backing their representatives in the House and a similar number of Republicans disagreeing with the House Democrats’ methods.

There has been plenty of showmanship on display from House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff, but the substance of the inquiry has been boring to most and inconclusive to many who are keeping up with it. Nevertheless, mainstream media is giving the Democrats an open forum to make their case which is why support for impeachment has taken a nosedive yet. But it will, especially now that Republicans will be able to partially participate. Until now, this whole thing has been a one-party play at Kabuki Theater.

What the media refuses to mention is the real motivation behind the entire impeachment inquiry. This is a play by the DNC and moderate Democrats on Capitol Hill to protect Joe Biden and harm the President’s chances of reelection. Democrats have known impeachment isn’t politically sustainable; the longer it lingers in the news, the less likely people will support. If they Democrats cannot produce unambiguous evidence that quid pro quo determined when an aid shipment was to be sent to Ukraine, then all they have is confusion and misleading headlines to push the impeachment debacle to its natural conclusion.

And it still might work if the number of people supporting impeachment rises again.

As more people become aware of the weak hearsay being used as the foundation of the impeachment inquiry, it’s being realized that this was, is, and will continue to be a purely political move by the Democrats. It’s desperation, pure and simple.

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