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Why the AR-15 – the Modern Day Musket – should be every woman’s equalizer in common use



Why the AR-15 - the Modern Day Musket - should be every womans equalizer in common use

Making the case for why everyone – men included – should have this venerable semiautomatic rifle.

The liberty grabber left loves to isolate and demonize certain things to assault our unalienable human rights in general. There are estimated to be over 140 – 150 million gun owners with over 400 – 600 million guns, but they deliberately chose to terrorize one small segment of the population in attacking the NRA.

Still worse, they incessantly demonize mere objects of plastic and aluminium as evil when these are the ideal equalizer for women. This is actually quite odd given that leftist supposedly champion the rights of women, and yet they incessantly attack a firearm in common use that equalizes the disparities between men and women in life or death situations.

The trends towards smaller caliber’s and lighter weapons.

It is often quite useful to look at the ‘big picture’, considering recent developments in historical context. In the case of weaponry, it’s been a trend towards lighter and easier to use firearms.

Time was, the first uses of gunpowder involved small but cumbersome hand cannons. These ‘evolved’ to match locks, wheel locks, flint locks and percussion cap firearms (Literally from fire + arm from the 1640s)

Becoming the self-loading cartridge based firearms of the last 100 years. The ongoing trend towards ease of use and projectile smaller and smaller diameter (caliber), making these weapons more efficient with smaller calibers allowing soldiers to load out more ammunition.

These changes helped bring these weapons into the realm of a great equalizer for women as will be demonstrated by the first video. Here are a number of women of varying ages and experience with firearms shooting this weapon for the first time.

The popularity of the Modern Day Musket.

There is a reason the venerable AR-15 is in so much common use and why it’s the target of the liberty grabber leftists. They hate these inanimate objects of plastic and aluminium because of this popularity and not because it causes that many deaths – because it doesn’t.

The website had a good run down on the history of Armalite, the originator of the Modern Day Musket. This extremely popular rifle been called the ‘Barbie Doll’ for grownups, which is why many build or customize them.

Especially suited to women.

They are especially suited to women because they are lightweight, have a low amount of recoil and with a telescoping stock, they can be easily set for those of any stature. They even have a ‘shoulder thing that goes up’ (barrel shroud) to protect your hands while enjoying the sport of shooting.

It is partially for this reason that firearm sales are reaching record levels and AR-15’s are flying off the shelves.

Is There Really an AR-15 Violence Crisis? Perception vs. Reality Matters

Our second video is from Reid Henrichs of Valor Ridge talking over the false perceptions being fomented by the liberty grabber leftists.

The Bottom Line

They say that the day you liberally apply oil to a gun, vacuum seal it in a bag, place it in a section of PVC pipe with a glue-on cap on one end and a threaded cap on the other. Burying it deep near a bunch scrap metal to avoid metal detectors, in an area you normally traverse to avoid tracking dogs, is the day you should dig them up. But hopefully we’re not to that point just yet, besides nothing says you have to keep all of your guns in one place.

Thankfully, we had Robert Francis and Joy Behar make sure that everyone knows of the left’s final solution to the liberty problem: gun confiscation. All the more reason to stock up on guns and ammunition. Everyone should consider that if the control-obsessed leftists are demonizing something, perhaps it is time to get one. As we have made the case, women should especially consider buying or building one of these Modern Day Muskets.

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