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Trigger Warning: ‘No Safe Spaces’ by Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla tells the truth about campus ‘free’ speech



Trigger Warning No Safe Spaces by Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla tells the truth about campus free s

The free speech movement was born at Berkeley and quickly spread across universities throughout the nation. It represented the pinnacle of empowerment for education – both those being educated and doing the educating – because it highlighted the voice of the minority perspective as righteously allowed to be given a platform in the freest nation in the world. Fast forward to 2019 and the same type of forces that gave rise to campus free speech are now conspiring to quash all dissent.

Welcome to the world that seeded the need for “No Safe Spaces,” a documentary by Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla that exposes the sad reality of campus life in America today. It’s a documentary that was made for a society in the midst of an unprecedented dilemma: American universities that have systematically replaced the free exchange of ideas with the reinforcement of THEIR ideas only. For the sake of “protecting” young adults, American universities have adopted the extremely dangerous “safe space” mentality in which freedom of speech is based on approval and freedom of thought only applies to thoughts that do not challenge the accepted narratives of leftism and progressivism.

The documentary details instance after instance of the hypocrisy permeating through America’s halls of higher learning. From anti-fascists applying fascist techniques to diversity programs that subvert the notions of equality among fellow humans, the instances detailed in this documentary point to a single conclusion: American universities do not support freedom of expression, nor do they allow for the expansion of ideas that could puncture the bubble-wrap they place around young adults.

If you go into this movie thinking you’re going to see a bunch of conservatives whining about suppression, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Left-leaning employees at universities have experienced their own forms of suppression when they’ve pierced the progressive echo chambers with rational thoughts and common sense. To their chagrin, they’ve found out it isn’t just about protecting progressive perspectives at these universities, but also the mantras of social justice warriors who fight against the cause of liberty for the sake of comfort and protection. Leftists who challenge the bubble-wrap mentality are treated just as badly as conservatives who speak out against oppression on ideas.

Prager and Carolla are the most unlikely pair to be delivering this documentary, at least on the surface. One is an atheist, the other is a devout Jew. One gets his kicks making people laugh and racing cars while the other enjoys conducting orchestras. But both share a love for America and the freedoms that are protected by our Constitution, including the 1st Amendment. It’s in their differences that they can both champion the common cause of keeping American thoughts flowing freely. This is why their documentary is so robust. They don’t have to agree on everything to be driven against the lunacy engulfing American universities today.

It’s been a long time since I reviewed and recommended a movie. I’m just too hard to impress. But Dennis Prager and Adam Carolla have put together one of the most important documentaries of our time. Find a theater playing #NoSafeSpaces right now.

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