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Democrats think climate change is a winning issue. Let’s not tell them otherwise.



Democrats think climate change is a winning issue Lets not tell them otherwise

The Virginia election Tuesday that flipped both chambers of the legislature from red to blue was an important moment for Democrats. Never mind the fact that the purple state has been getting bluer and bluer for years, even voting for Hillary Clinton in 2016. This “drastic” turnaround in the state has Democrats looking at two issues as the reasons why they won. One of those issues is gun control which has been gaining popularity in the state for years. The other is climate change, and while it’s being embraced by many progressives, it’s still not an issue that drives voters to the polls.

Democrats seem to think it is, and we should let them keep thinking that. Who are we to burst their bubble or make them realize that even though most Americans want the environment to be cleaner, we’re not willing to vote for steep economic penalties and earth-shattering lifestyle changes that would be required to even come close to meeting climate change activists’ demands. Will we recycle? Sure. Go solar? Maybe. Drive a Prius? Probably not, but some do.

Will we support the unhinged requirements being put forth by disciples of Greta Thunberg and proponents of the Green New Deal? Nope. It’s a non-starter for the vast majority of people who have knowledge of what’s actually entailed in radical climate change policy. In fact, the fastest way to get someone to stop supporting the Green New Deal is to tell them what’s in it. Ignorance is the only thing keeping the Green New Deal from sinking into the pit of bad ideas. Coincidentally, ignorance is weaponized by the left to win elections.

This is why it’s great to see stories like these published by leftist news outlets and promoted by radical progressives like Ilhan Omar:

If the left continues to believe climate change is a winning issue, there’s a good chance they could lose everything in 2020. But it requires work by conservative media and patriots spreading the truth about climate change hysteria. It’s a cult formed by faulty science, nefarious puppetmasters, and a flurry of emotion-driven bad ideas. Let’s all do what we can to keep it that way going into 2020. As pundit Jesse Kelly noted:

Today marked the launch of the Presidential Forum on Environmental Justice. This was supposed to be the introduction of climate change as the driving issue for millions of Americans. It had Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Tom Steyer, and other candidates taking the stage to speak at it. But as you can see from the image, there aren’t a lot of people who were passionate enough about climate change to make the effort of attending.

The climate change hysteria industry has big ideas and big dollars behind it. But it’s not a winning play for Democrats because Americans just aren’t stupid enough to buy it as a primary voting issue. Let’s hope Democrats keep thinking it is.

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