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Gun owners in Virginia are in the Democrats’ crosshairs as Ralph ‘Blackface’ Northam promises action



Gun owners in Virginia are in the Democrats crosshairs as Ralph Blackface Northam promises action

Virginia is on the verge of learning exactly what elections mean and how they affect their rights. The 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms is the first thing on the agenda as Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam promises bold and definitive action against law-abiding gun owners across the state following a reversal in both chambers of the state legislature that handed control to the Democrats.

On his agenda are expanded background checks, red flag gun laws, an “assault weapons” ban, high-capacity magazine bans, and one-per-month firearm purchasing limits. He also indicated he’s working on a plan to confiscate “assault weapons” from current owners, though that hasn’t been hashed out just yet.

Despite having their headquarters in Fairfax, VA, the NRA was only able to muster around $300,000 to help Republicans win their races. Michael Bloomberg‘s Everytown for Gun Safety spent $2.5 million in the state.

What’s happening in Virginia is a warning to the entire nation. If Democrats are allowed to take over the Senate and White House while retaining control of the House of Representatives in 2020, they will follow the same roadmap as Virginia from the federal level. The only thing that can stop them is doing what Republicans in Virginia failed to do: rally support and reach out to Independents to keep the state from falling into Democrats’ hands. They failed at this and a state has been lost as a result. It cannot be allowed to happen at the national level.

Despite gun control proving to be both ineffective and unconstitutional, Democrats have been able to latch onto control of public sentiment through their media proxies. They have stoked fears about firearms, particularly “assault weapons,” and control the narrative by indoctrinating people through feelings rather than facts. They’ve made guns, not criminals, the apparent enemy of the people. The result is a push for laws like the ones Virginia will be implementing, laws that shift the balance of power away from law-abiding citizens and into the hands of criminals.

Gun owners and 2nd Amendment defenders across America must take heed. What’s happening in Virginia can happen across our nation if we do not fight the anti-gun propaganda that’s spreading like a plague.

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