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Guns and Crime

Must watch: ‘I carry a gun’



This video isn’t new, but it’s new to me and totally worth a watch. As 2nd Amendment advocates, we often post stories regarding gun laws and the progressive push to subvert or eliminate the 2nd Amendment. What most call “gun control,” we call “liberty control.”

The push to take away our firearms has only accelerated since this video and the infographic below were produced in 2016. Democrats have made it part of their mantra, proudly proclaiming their disgust with how 2nd Amendment advocates defend the Constitution. They push their legislation and ideas behind chants of “do something” while ignoring the facts surrounding gun control. Even if we dismiss the constitutional protections (and we should never dismiss the Constitution), the results of gun control are unambiguous. They don’t work.

Keeping ourselves safer from crime and tyranny means keeping firearms in the hands and homes of law-abiding citizens. Gun control targets us while completely ignoring the true enemy: criminals. Let this video remind you and others of the facts.

Gun Statistics Infographic

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