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The View is garbage



The View is garbage

After Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle went on the view today, conservative media turned into a slaughterfest as lies and inconsistencies emerged about hosts from The View and their unhinged nature as anti-Trump entertainers. While some on this site have called for a boycott of Hollywood altogether, I’ve been more reticent. You see, I love movies. I love television shows. I’ve tried to do what’s right but doing things “wrong” by sticking with my entertainment vices feels too good. I’m only human, after all.

And I won’t boycott The View, either. Why? Because I’ve never watched it. I rarely watch clips. I don’t know much about the hosts and I have no desire to learn about them. What I do know is the show is absolute garbage. It’s a trap for its viewers to be made to feel like they’re being entertained when in reality they’re being indoctrinated into the progressive view propagated by Hollywood. It’s brilliant, really, in that it’s able to take a disingenuous premise and manipulate its viewers into this indoctrination ploy.

I refuse to cover the show beyond insulting its very being. I’d strongly recommend others in conservative media stop dunking on them as well. Why? Because giving them attention only makes them stronger. Even when insulting them, as this article is doing, I’m participating in bringing them glory. They aren’t upset that conservatives are calling them out. They’re not concerned that Trump supporters will hear their lies and think less of them. They like being talked about in any regard, and we’re participating in their glory by giving them a platform even in insult.

This isn’t always the case. I want to be clear that The View is unique and likely much more powerful than most people realize. Their audience is avid and open to willful indoctrination just as Rush Limbaugh’s fans are open to his right-wing perspectives. The difference is in the method. Rush doesn’t claim to be anything other than a Republican-supporting conservative radio host who tears into Democrats and props up the GOP. The View pretends to be entertainment and all about social issues while constantly infusing leftist politics into anything and everything.

This makes them powerful. This makes them garbage.

It’s time to stop exposing The View, even in a negative light. It’s time for conservative figures to stop empowering The View by being guests on their show. Let them sink into their progressive echo chamber. That’s where they want to be anyway.

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