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Even the Democratic Establishment is panicking over Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan



“She said what?!”

There’s no need to attribute this quote to anyone in particular at the DNC or among Democratic power brokers. We already know it or something similar was uttered by influential Democrats across the country because ever since the release of Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All plan, backlash has been hitting left-leaning news outlets as if on cue from higher forces.

The Washington Post, a paragon for progressives atop mainstream media, published a scathing op-ed titled, “The eight big problems with Warren’s Medicare-for-all plan.” Granted, it was written by their token “conservative,” but it’s noteworthy because author Jennifer Rubin is adamantly anti-Trump and has defended many far-left schemes since primary season opened earlier this year. For her to go against the frontrunner who is the odds-on favorite to take on her nemesis in the White House smells of desperation that wants someone less radical to compete against the President.

NY Times columnist and acolyte to President Obama, Steven Rattner, published a story titled, “The Warren Way Is the Wrong Way.”

The Warren Way Is the Wrong Way to her own devices, she would extend the reach and weight of the federal government far further into the economy than anything even President Franklin Roosevelt imagined, effectively abandoning the limited-government model that has mostly served us well.

Ms. Warren may call herself a capitalist, but her panoply of minutely detailed plans suggests otherwise. She would turn America’s uniquely successful public-private relationship into a dirigiste, European-style system. If you want to live in France (economically), Elizabeth Warren should be your candidate.

As a lifelong Democrat, I freely acknowledge that substantial reforms are much needed, both to achieve a more equitable distribution of income and wealth and to make good on Donald Trump’s failed pledge to raise the economy’s growth rate.

But the Warren way would be, quite simply, the wrong way.

Her plan proposes a $52 trillion healthcare plan that would completely eliminate private health insurance while plummeting the United States into something much worse than economic recession. The creative math used to justify her plan falls far short of the necessary funds required to power it. The problem isn’t that she’s not aware of this issue. The problem is she’s FULLY aware of it. Knowing this, we must assume as fact that she intends to implement Modern Monetary Theory as the “solution” to all of the spending she’s proposing, not just with healthcare but also with education, job creation, the environment, and supplementing the results of her de facto open borders plan.

With Modern Monetary Theory, the government essentially prints its way out of raising funds to pay the bills. Some may say that is already happening and there’s no argument against that notion. But Warren’s ideas about the economy would require exponentially more of this and will have the devastating effects of eliminating the dollar as the world reserve currency as well as its use as the trading tool for oil.

Democrats are stuck between a rock and a hard place because the alternatives are not nearly as strong as Warren as far as popularity. Bernie Sanders is popular but Warren’s presence as his competition on the far left makes it an either-or challenge. Joe Biden is a walking campaign failure. Pete Buttigieg has a challenge inspiring minorities and older Democrats to vote for him. The rest of the field is fading fast.

Democrats created Elizabeth Warren like a Frankenstein’s monster that will wreak havoc on the non-radical electorate. They want to dump her, but they must do so without making the progressive base upset. It won’t happen. Their 2020 election hopes are DOA.

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