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Canadian lawsuit flips the script on ‘gender protections’ in case of 6-year-old girl confused by SJW teacher



Canadian lawsuit flips the script on gender protections in case of 6-year-old girl confused by SJW t

The advancement of Cultural Marxism in society today represents the surge of the post-truth society coveted by the radical progressive left. It wants science to be based on feelings, reality to be completely undone for the sake of those feelings, and children to be confused by what they’re being told to feel. But in the far-left’s unhinged quest to subvert truth and make it only objective when backed by personal opinions, they’ve left a huge legal loophole in place. One Canadian family is using this loophole to expose the lunacy of the far-left’s agenda.

A six-year-old girl was told by her teacher that “girls are not real, and boys are not real.” She did so in an exercise in front of the whole class with the intention of making them stop believing what they’ve been told by their parents and biology class, that just because someone is female doesn’t mean they’re a “girl.”

Distraught, the young student went home bewildered and asked her parents about it all. They contacted the school because parents were not given an opportunity to consent or object to the radical anti-scientific teaching, but the school backed the teacher and said they would continue with the current curriculum.

Now, the family is suing and they’re using the left’s outrageous rationale against them.

School sued for telling six-year-old girl that girls are not real“If everyone has a gender identity, and gender identities are protected under the Code, then NB’s gender identity as a girl should be protected,” said Justice Centre staff lawyer Lisa Bildy. “If the School Board can accommodate the inclusion of trans and other gender identities into the classroom setting, then surely they can accommodate the inclusion of children who experience no discord between their biology and their sense of self.”

Some gender theorists and activists now argue not only that “gender identity” is on a spectrum, but that sex is also on a spectrum, meaning that there are no longer distinct categories of male and female. Among other things, the family is asking the Tribunal to award a remedy that the school board stop “teaching gender theory in any manner which suggests that sex categories of male and female do not exist, or are fluid, or exist on a spectrum.”

“To teach otherwise cannot be anything but discrimination on the basis of sex, which is a protected ground,” said Ms. Bildy. “If we cannot describe the physical reality of biological sex, then women can no longer defend their human rights as women.”

If gender is protected, then it must be protected when one adheres to their biological sex. If a girl wants to be a girl, she deserves as much protection as a girl who thinks she’s a boy. But the left isn’t looking for equal rights. They just want to be “woke.”

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