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While the authoritarian socialist left loves being called ‘liberal’, they really hate liberty



The left proves again that this is all about liberty and not hate speech or inanimate objects.

There is a very good reason to use the term liberty control or liberty reform instead of gun control or gun reform. Recent activities from the left side of the political spectrum have proved the case once again.

While they began their assault on liberty with the 2nd amendment, they have expanded the front to include the 1st amendment. Their obsession with ‘red flag’ gun confiscation swatting is another expansion of this assault on freedom, with attacks on 4th, 5th, 6th and 14th amendments. No one should have any doubt that this won’t continue and expand.

This is also why it is infuriating that there are those on both sides of the political aisle that insist on using a ‘word salad’ approach to addressing the denizens’ of the left. Calling them liberals in one case, then progressives the next, followed up by leftist in another. They are neither interested in liberty, the implication of the word liberal, or are advocates of progress since they push the ancient and failed ideas of collectivism.

Advocates of new restrictions on liberty should be its first subjects: The ‘you first’ rule.

The video we are presenting from admitted moderate Tim Pool deals with this subject. While he may disagree, we submit that those who are liberal actually belong on the pro-liberty side of the political spectrum. Never the less he does bring up some very important points, beginning with the ‘you first rule’. The idea being that anyone who advocates the deprivation of a particular human right should be the first subjected to this deprivation.

In the case of the 2nd amendment, advocates of the taking away of the unalienable human right of self-preservation should no longer be able to defend themselves or have armed security to do it for them. The same holds true for the right of free speech, in this case the author of this piece should no longer have the right to speak out.

Second amendment parallels.

There are also some very interesting parallels between the authoritarian socialist left attacks on both the 1st and 2nd amendments. Both involve restrictions that only diminish the rights of the innocent while the guilty find their way around the law as they always do.

Criminals will always find a way to obtain the tools of their trade by theft from the government or by making their own weapons. Meanwhile the innocent are rendered defenseless. Those engaging in what some might deem to be ‘hate-speech’ will find a way to communicate while the innocent are restricted in what they can say.

There is also the point that in both instances, the majority innocent are collectively punished for the wrongdoing of a few. There are an estimated 150 million gun owners while only a tiny fraction commit crimes. This is the result of ‘doing something – anything!’

The Bottom-line.

Leftists treat unalienable human rights and liberties like potato crisps – they can’t violate just one. The thrill of ruling over others in one aspect of life tends to spill over into others. Controlling the one unalienable human right of self-preservation lends itself to controlling free-speech which leads to other restrictions on liberty.

There should be no doubt that the authoritarian socialist left will want more controls over liberty, while reveling in falsely being called liberals. Authoritarianism only starts with gun confiscation and controls on free speech.

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