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Is the ‘Trump Effect’ a real factor in the economy?



Belief in success precedes successful outcomes. In other words, optimism works when it comes to economics. It’s obviously not the only factor, but when it comes to economies at nearly every level, from the individual all the way up to the world economy, beliefs influence actions and actions influence results. When we’re confident the economy is heading in the right direction, we’re more likely to buy. Companies are more likely to higher. Investors are more likely to take risks. These can all create a self-fulfilling prophecy of success.

But the opposite is true as well. Rumors of economic downturns often precede them, and it’s been demonstrated that fears of failure have actually been the root cause of them. Just as individuals, companies, and investors spend more when they’re confident, the also spend less when they lose confidence.

The other factors at play today are strange. We haven’t seen such conflicting data in modern history as some indicators point to prolonged success while others seem to indicate we’re in a recession already. For example, our trade war with China should be crippling both economies by now. But as it continues, consumers in America are seeing limited effects even though Chinese businesses are being gutted as a result. American companies are quickly adapting, finding new supply chains in different locales. Meanwhile, China is having more challenges finding buyers to replace the United States.

We’re also in a condition of full employment, something we haven’t seen in our history. Anyone who has the desire and capability to get a job can find one. Projections keep selling the job market short, yet hiring continues going up.

More people are working. We’re making more money. Taxes are lower. Contrary to progressive mainstream media’s narrative, the economy continues to flourish. As Congress does absolutely nothing, the success of the economy falls on the President.

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