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Will President Trump’s endorsement be enough to put Kentucky Governor Matt Bevins over the top?



Will President Trumps endorsement be enough to put Kentucky Governor Matt Bevins over the top

As Governors of red states go, Matt Bevins has had a rocky tenure. His popularity hasn’t broken 50% in a state President Trump won by nearly 30 points in 2016. He has suffered bad public relations due to his ongoing battle with the powerful state teachers’ unions and it has shown in the polls.

What should be an easy reelection has turned into a major battle, and Bevins has trailed Democrat Andy Beshear throughout. But a Tweet last week by President Trump and the prospects of a campaign visit by Vice President Pence just before the November 5 election give Republicans hope they can hold onto the governor’s office for at least one more term.

It will be President Trump’s visit that could make or break the Governor’s political future.

Kentucky governor’s race tied as Trump, Pence prepare to visit the state. Andy Beshear is running to unseat Matt Bevin gubernatorial candidates in Kentucky are tied just two weeks ahead of a critical election which could signal whether President Trump still has significant support in Republican-controlled states. Republican Governor Matt Bevin and Democrat Andy Beshear are deadlocked at 46% each, according to a new poll by Mason-Dixon Polling.

The poll is a windfall for Bevin, who is facing a serious challenge from Beshear, the current attorney general. Bevin is unpopular in Kentucky, and has sparred with the state’s powerful teachers unions. However, the latest poll, by Mason-Dixon showed that Bevin’s unfavorable rating among registered and likely voters is 48%, and his favorable rating is 45%.

Bevin’s advantage here is tied to his vocal support for President Trump, who has a 57% approval rating in Kentucky and won the state by 30 points in 2016. The feeling is mutual — Mr. Trump tweeted last week that Bevin has his “Complete and Total Endorsement.”

This is also a test for President Trump to see if his influence is enough to help an unpopular governor retain power based on the President’s beckoning of Republican voters. It would arguably be the biggest loss for the President through an endorsement considering how popular he has been in the state.

Matt Bevins has been pushing Kentucky in the right direction, but powerful unions and high-dollar propaganda have helped spread a false narrative. Hopefully, the people of Kentucky will not be fooled and will listen to the President’s endorsement.

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