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Ted Cruz utterly obliterates Democrats’ argument for sanctuary cities



When Senator Ted Cruz addressed ICE’s acting Executive Associate Director for Enforcement and Removal Operations Timothy Robbins today, it was clear from the beginning the conservative firebrand was upset. His Democratic Senate colleagues had just asked Robbins whether there were non-violent criminals among the illegal immigrants released in sanctuary cities, to which Robbins gave the obvious reply. They even invoked a “grandmother in Chicago” who was among those sanctuary cities protected.

By the time Cruz was done with his questioning and five-minute rant, anyone listening who had a brain and a pulse would either be left cheering if they oppose sanctuary cities or speechless if they support them. He invoked Kate Steinle and his popular legislation, Kate’s Law, that Democrats have blocked. This legislation would require mandatory jail time for violent criminals who have been deported and reenter the country, such as Steinle’s murderer, José Inez García Zárate, who had been arrested and deported many times before shooting Steinle.

But this wasn’t just a platform for him to note the overwhelming public support for his common sense legislation or the total lack of integrity by Democrats for hiding behind political shields so they don’t have to admit his bill makes sense. He used his opportunity to highlight the lunacy of the left’s arguments, which are essentially that if some violent criminals are released as a result of preventing lesser criminal illegal aliens from being deported, so be it. Citizens beware.

Cruz countered the Democrats’ “grandmother argument” by asking the opposite and obvious questions:

  • “Let me ask you the other side of it, are sanctuary cities releasing violent murderers?”
  • “Are sanctuary cities releasing rapists?”
  • “Are sanctuary cities releasing people who have committed child molestation?”
  • “Are sanctuary cities releasing people who are guilty of domestic violence?”
  • “Are they releasing people who have committed drunk driving offenses?”

Robbins answered “yes” to all of these questions.

Cruz called opposition against his and Senator Thom Tillis’s “Justice for Victims of Sanctuary Cities Act” motivated purely by racial politics that gives protection of criminal illegal aliens a higher priority over protection of their victims.

With a growing negative radical progressive sentiment about ICE and other law enforcement agencies, Cruz took the time to thank those who are fighting to protect us.

“Thank you for the officer tonight who’s out on the line, who’s knocking on that door of an MS-13 agent, who doesn’t know if he’s gonna meet a machine-gun on the other side of that door, a machete – he doesn’t know what he’s gonna face,” Cruz said. “But he or she she is going through that door to keep us safe. Thank you for that.”

Listen to what Ted Cruz says in this video. Every word. If ever there was an unambiguous need to vote out every Democrat in the Senate, it’s their unwillingness to protect American citizens with common sense legislation like Kate’s Law.

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