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Remember the outrage when CNN and Democrats invoked ‘lynching’? Me neither.



Remember the outrage when CNN and Democrats invoked lynching Me neither

The left is tearing through the virtual streets of Twitterville crying fake tears of outrage over President Trump invoking “lynching” this morning in reference to the impeachment inquiry by House Democrats. Just about every Democratic politician and progressive news outlet is going insane right now over the use of the racially charged word.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting their tears of outrage aren’t real. But they’re not inspired by the President’s use of a word on Twitter today. They’re inspired by the presence of the President in Washington DC at all. If it was the use of the word itself that triggered them, they wouldn’t have been so quick to use the word themselves when it suited their political needs.

While progressive Twitter rebukes the President, conservative Twitter is busy noting dozens of instances when progressive mainstream media personalities and Democratic politicians used the word themselves. Was there outrage over such uses? No. In fact, leftists often cheered and echoed the use of the word because it was politically expedient to do so at the time.

Here’s a small sampling:

Inconsistent outrage is why President Trump is attacked for saying the word “lynching” while Democrats were applauded when they said it. It’s why Justin Trudeau was reelected, Ralph Northam is still in office, and Jussie Smollett is idolized.

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