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For the socialist-left, its all about control over liberty



The socialist-left in the states and the Chinese Communists have one thing in common, a desire for control.

A new video from Tim Pool details the demise of yet another national socialist media mouthpiece while those of the pro-liberty right are expanding. Of course, it is always good news when the cause of liberty is furthered, but in the video he makes very interesting point. That people are sick of being told what to do. What jokes they can laugh at or the words they can use. For those paying attention to larger issues, that sounds eerily like what the Chinese Communist Party would like when it comes to the ideas of freedom and liberty.

We submit it’s in direct connection to the ongoing issue of the NBA being on the wrong side of liberty. This is a case where the issues of one subject intersect with another, primarily because they are philosophically connected with the overall scheme of things. They are all over on the far-left, with the desire for control side of the rational political spectrum model.

Looking at the underlying strategy of the left.

Sometime it is very instructive to look at the underlying reasons for leftist actions. In the case of their denying their obvious goal of gun confiscation, it’s to keep the debate away from the fact that firearms save far more lives than are lost. In the case of the political spectrum, it’s to avoid the subject of the control desire of the left. They cannot be honest about this basic fact of their collectivist ideologies.

While they prefer to couch their ideological goals in terms of fairness, equality, safety or saving the planet. These all boil down to their being control of everyone’s liberty, property, firearms or energy, forget about the fact that this control never actually resolves these issues. The most important result in all of these ‘crisis’ is that they get to rule over everyone else.

When faced with this dilemma, leftists can either dispense with this control fetish or confuse the issue. Hence, we see them make extraordinary claims that socialist organisations aren’t really socialist or that failed versions of their collectivist ideologies were somehow ‘right-wing’ or something.

Confusing the issue.

Leftists can only do this by objecting to a rational model of the political spectrum. The right side has the general aspects of minimal government and maximum liberty, while the left side has the general aspects of maximum government and minimal liberty. The left would prefer to keep this hidden since it has always placed them in a bad light as authoritarians.

Thus many on the left will insist that a political spectrum model have multiple axis or dimensions to try and confuse the issue and avoid the basic fact of their collectivist ideology being one of control. However, one only needs to look at the results of their socialist national agenda rather their ‘good intentions’ to see that it is axiomatic that they favour maximum government and minimal liberty.

The bottom line.

Circling back to the video we presented, the point is that the ‘cancel culture’ and political correctness and the censorship attempts by the CCP all have the commonality of collectivist control endemic to the left.

While leftists would like to divert attention elsewhere or muddy the waters. The fact is that their ideologies are bent on control as those of the Chinese Communist Party over Hong Kong.

Those on the collectivist-control side of the political spectrum would rather that no one makes that connection. Maybe that’s how they can sleep at night, but the fact is they are on the side of government forces trying to control liberty in Hong Kong and in the states. They pretend to be ‘liberal’, but they are in opposition to liberty.

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