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Yes, I’m boycotting the NBA



Yes Im boycotting the NBA

The NBA bows to Communist China. That’s all I need to know. As a long-time NBA fan since Magic Johnson was a rookie, it’s hard for me to abandon my second-favorite sport, but it must be done. If I was willing to boycott the NFL for their shenanigans, you bet I’m willing to boycott the NBA over this latest scandal.

This is what happens when businesses in a capitalist nation give so much influence over their business to an oppressive communist nation. They must bow to their money pit and worship over the alter of the dollar. Otherwise, they’re risking losing much. And they should have lost much. They should have said, “Sorry, if you want our product, you can’t tell us to subvert free speech.”

That’s the message we should have heard from the NBA when China began making demands about general managers’ Tweets and fans holding up signs. Hong Kong is their mess, and if they want to continue to be idiots about it, they can do that on their own turf. Spreading their propaganda machine to the United States is unacceptable.

But one might ask why I would oppose the NFL for allowing free speech while opposing the NBA for quashing it. The answer is simple. I did not boycott the NFL over actions by the league. I boycotted the NFL over their social justice warrior players who were being unpatriotic despite gaining so much from being an athlete in the richest, freest country in the world. But my boycott of the NBA is much more pronounced and likely irrevocable. NFL players stopped acting like idiots, for the most part, but the NBA isn’t going to back down on their stance over China. Therefore, I believe my NBA boycott is going to be indefinite.

Politics has no business being in sports or entertainment. What players or others associated with the NBA do on their time is up to them and their free speech should be protected by the league. If they want to get political on Twitter, so be it. If they want to walk around the street supporting Hong Kong (or China for that matter), so be it. But as much as I support Hong Kong’s plight, I would not be pleased by an NBA player showing their support during a game. Off-court is fine. On-court – just play the game.

What the NBA is doing is stupid. I get it, there’s a lot of money involved. But if that money comes at the price of our freedom of speech, it’s not worth it. They’ll make plenty of money off China, so they don’t need any of mine.

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