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President says no deal on election security should go forward without voter ID



President says no deal on election security should go forward with voter ID

Election security has been a hot topic on both sides of the political aisle since the 2016 election as reports indicate Russia and other foreign players attempted to “hack” the election. Moreover, reports of domestic attempts to manipulate or otherwise affect the results of elections have been rising for decades.

But the easiest way to “hack” an election is the one thing Democrats refuse to discuss in terms of election security. Voter fraud is rampant. We’ve known this for years and despite multiple reports saying it’s a problem, the left continues to furiously deny it. Why? Because in most cases, voter fraud favors Democrats.

Voter ID can and should be considered by every state in the nation. I’m personally not a fan of federally mandated voter ID requirements as it is the power of the states to facilitate elections and enforce election laws, but just as driver’s licences are handled by all 50 states, so too should voter ID.

The President took to Twitter to discuss the issue and our EIC replied with a link to my story about racism with voter IDs.

If we’re going to address the issue of election security, then focusing solely on Russia or China or any other foreign entity is silly. The real challenge to election security is here at home, which is why voter ID must be on the table.

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