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Saying voter IDs are racist is… racist



Saying voter IDs are racist is racist

If you’re African-American, Hispanic, or pretty much any racial minority group, Democrats believe you’re less capable of filling out paperwork to receive identification. They believe they must “protect” you from the evil old white men in the Republican Party who expect far too much from you when they say they want voter IDs to preserve the sanctity of our election process.

If you’re a minority, you should be outraged by the insinuation that you’re somehow less capable of completing the simple task of getting a driver’s license, state ID, or other form of identification that allows for things such as air travel, buying alcohol, or getting a job. Only a true racist believes minorities are less capable of performing basic acts of responsibility in American life. Democrats who oppose voter ID are such racists.

The concept of having identification to help determine the direction of the country is built on sound best practices. The easiest way to “hack” an election is through voter fraud. The easiest way to fight voter fraud is through voter IDs. Without them, it’s very easy for unscrupulous Democrats (and in some cases, Republicans) to manipulate the vote to favor the candidates they like. This is why voter ID laws make sense. They help prevent such things from happening.

It isn’t just racist. It’s an insult to our collective intelligence. The only reason voter IDs tend to favor Republicans is because more voter fraud happens for Democrats. They know this, and they’re willing to lie to protect this scam. Even if you’re a Democrat, you should be appalled by the manipulation of our political system. Americans should want to win the right way, not through falsehoods and racist attempts to keep minorities down and depict them as needing protection.

The mafia forces protection on people. Totalitarian governments force protection on people. In America, Democrats force protection on people. This is wrong on every level.

As a legal immigrant, let me assure Democrats who think I’m less capable of getting proper identification than Caucasians that we’re perfectly fine without their racist attempts to classify us as incompetent. Stop belittling us.

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