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Hong Kong is ‘going to be a bloodbath’ as Beijing issues final warning



Hong Kong is going to be a bloodbath as Beijing issues final warning

State-run Chinese media sent its harshest warning yet to millions of protesters in Hong Kong today, saying they are “asking for self-destruction.” The implication is clear: Disperse and stand down or the death that follows from the Chinese military will be on the victims, at least from Beijing’s perspective. Calling it “self destruction” means the Chinese government has wiped its hands clean of any responsibility for the carnage that’s about to take place.

As long as reports are coming in from Hong Kong, there is still hope to avert a massive military suppression of protesters who have been engaged in anti-government activities for weeks. Their latest “victory” was to shut down Hong Kong’s airport. Now, videos of military vehicles are being spread openly across Hong Kong along with the warning from Beijing.

“It’s going to be a bloodbath,” said a U.S. government official who declined to be named. But her concerns are were clear after seeing intelligence reports of China amassing military vehicles near Hong Kong.

In a Tuesday social media post from the Global Times‘ Chinese edition, the outlet said “if Hong Kong rioters cannot read the signal of having armed police gathering in Shenzhen, then they are asking for self-destruction,” according to a CNBC translation.

Keep a close eye on Hong Kong. If this turns south, as it appears to be in the process of doing, the international outcry will rightly be harsh. But China has been more patient than some had expected. It seems their patience is at an end.

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