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The other reason Republicans should abandon red flag gun laws



The other reason Republicans should abandon red flag gun laws

There are very clear reasons many conservatives are discussing about why red flag gun laws are terrible. Despite the clear Constitutional challenges entailed with confiscating property without due process and preventing law abiding citizens from exercising their 2nd Amendment right, many Republican lawmakers have jumped on the “do something” bandwagon and decided red flag gun laws make sense.

But let’s say they get around the Constitution (it happens all the time, unfortunately). The other big reason many conservatives are crying foul is because the vast majority of shootings, including mass shootings, would not have been prevented had red flag gun laws been in place. And by vast majority, the only reason I can’t say none of the mass shootings in recent years would have been prevented by red flag gun laws is because I haven’t researched them all sufficiently. The ones that have been discussed the most, including the recent mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, require a major stretch to believe red flag gun laws would have had an impact.

The other reason that isn’t being discussed as much in conservative circles is self-protection. No, I’m not talking about our ability to use firearms as self-defense. I mean the self-protection instincts of politicians. This is one of those instances where the best case scenario is supporting red flag gun laws won’t hurt them that much. The most likely scenario is that support for red flag gun laws will take a passionate conservative voter base and make us lukewarm.

It’s hard to imaging many conservatives voting for Democrats in 2020 even if Republicans support gun control. The GOP may be disappointing on this issue, but Democrats have turned utterly insane when it comes to gun owners’ rights. They want the guns. All of them. And unfortunately, this realization that conservative GOP voters aren’t going to jump to the other side is one of the reasons many lawmakers are willing to take this step to the left regarding the 2nd Amendment, even if it abandons their base.

But what they’re not calculating is passion. When conservatives are excited about what Republicans are doing, the passion is evident. Crowds at events are larger. Social media buzz is louder. And most importantly, Republican fundraising goes up. But just because we’re not going to vote Democrat doesn’t mean we won’t pull or reduce support from Republicans. There are many conservatives, perhaps millions, who would never donate money to elect people who are imposing more government control over our firearms. Betraying the 2nd Amendment over calls to “do something” is a betrayal that will drain the energy from the base.

This is especially true when we consider there are actual solutions available that would be more effective and wouldn’t alienate the conservative base.

I broke it down simply in a Tweet.

Conservative votes may not change, but our support is necessary if the GOP hopes to have the buzz and funds to capture Independent voters. Red flag gun laws are a step towards government oppression. The GOP must abandon such notions.

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