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Google’s ‘ephemeral experiences’ key to their election meddling in 2020



There have been a handful of undercover and direct investigations into Google in recent months that specifically target their ability to manipulate elections. This has sparked a lot of interest from conservatives across the country as the parent company, Alphabet, is led by people who are avowed Democrats and progressive-minded activists. Some have gone so far as to say that 2020 cannot be like 2016, indicating they do not want President Trump to win reelection.

We have discussed many of the ways they can manipulate votes. Some are direct and some are unnoticeable. One such technique is to use “ephemeral experiences” which researchers say have the power to shift votes by the millions. These “ephemeral experiences” are short-lived but potent manipulative tools such as the search recommendations given to people when they use Google.

Gina Shakespeare at The Epoch Times’ Declassified goes into more detail about how this variation of election hacking will work and what the potential outcomes may be.

It’s amazing how technological advancements on the internet and with our various devices have made us utilize things without even noticing. The search recommendations, which pop up for us the moment we start searching for a topic, are quite potent in directing people towards searches that may be favorable to the “approved” candidates or detrimental to Republicans.

You won’t see this today. Google has already been exposed for using this technique, so they’re keeping their powder dry for now. We know this because they reversed their previous method of filtering search recommendations for Hillary Clinton. As we noted, it was impossible to get a recommendation for “Hillary Clinton Email” for over two years following revelations she had used a private server to illegally house official State Department communications. Today, the recommendation pops up just fine. There’s no reason to protect her anymore because she’s insignificant. Why waste good censorship on her now?

I tested a few other terms that were being manipulated in the past. None of them seem to be manipulated today. In fact, I only found a few instances and they were not only justifiable but applied to the benefit of Republicans as well.

Don’t expect this to last. It’s only happening now because there’s too much time before the next election. Google is the master of data and understanding what it means. They will know which searches to manipulate and when the best time to manipulate them is. It could be event-selective, such as times when President Trump is rising or falling in the polls. It could be location-selective, offering more hardcore manipulation in battleground states than elsewhere. It will definitely tie into a temporal proximity to election day that the algorithms and experts believe will have the greatest impact.

Remember, they know they’ve been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. But that won’t stop them from doing it. Just like a heist that was exposed but that needs to happen so they come up with a different plan, so too will Google and other tech giants be very careful with how they manipulate the election.

Some conservatives are rightly concerned about big tech’s influence over the elections. Some aren’t worried at all, believing things will work out because we have the truth on our side. I, for one, am not taking any chances.

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