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On 5 year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death, Democrats revise history



On 5 year anniversary of Michael Browns death Democrats revise history

Michael Brown was a bully and a thug. He had just robbed a convenience store and assaulted the owner when he took to the street. There, he was confronted by a Ferguson police officer who remained in is car. Brown reached in and tried to take the officer’s firearm. He was shot and killed.

These are the facts of the case of Michael Brown which, before the facts were known, sparked outrage from anti-police activists who converged on Ferguson, Missouri.  It was the dawn of “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot,” which became a mantra for the movement. But the story that Brown said these words was later recanted. Nevertheless, the mantra remains popular even today.

Brown’s death was a tragedy, but it’s no longer logical or truthful to classify it as a murder. The officer involved in the shooting has been exonerated, and as more facts emerged, the picture of a “gentle giant” the activists tried to paint had more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

But that’s not stopping Democratic candidates for president from revising history to redact his criminal history, the exoneration of the police officer, or the reality that he attacked the officer and tried to take control of his firearm. To them, these facts are mere roadblocks in promoting the narrative that Michael Brown was murdered in cold blood by a racist cop and by golly something still needs to be done about it.

The reactions of presidential hopefuls ranged from semi-lucid to outright lies. Here are the ones who at least didn’t call it a murder.

But two candidates took it to the realm of bald-faced lies. Michael Brown was not murdered, which requires intent. He was killed in self-defense after attacking multiple people, including the police officer who shot him. But that narrative doesn’t play as well as the murder narrative being pushed by Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren:

Even on the anniversary of the tragic events in Ferguson, Democrats continue to change the narrative – and history – for the sake of political expediency. The two who called Michael Brown’s death “murder” should be ashamed of themselves.

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