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Hannity endorses Buzz Patterson for Congress



Buzz Scores Giant Endorsement From Top Rated Host In Cable News

Hannity endorses Buzz Patterson for Congress

Hannity said, “We give you the warmest endorsement we possibly can because you are an amazing human being.”

SACRAMENTO, CA – July 25  – Today, Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson announced the endorsement from top-rated host in cable news Sean Hannity from Fox. Hannity endorsed on air during the kick-off announcement of Buzz’s campaign.

Hannity continued warning of the consequences of a dramatic shift left, “This is do or die time. If they ever got power back now and were able to cement in these changes to the healthcare system we’re done. Capitalism and their high rates of tax… we are done. The Republic will no longer exist as it once did and it will change the course of history.”

Buzz responded to the endorsement, “I’m so grateful to Sean Hannity for his support. What I love most about Hannity is that he is fearless in taking a stand and exposing the truth about Democrats and their hypocrisy. It’s time for us to get back to Conservative values, start putting adults back in the discussion, and halt this lurch to the left. I will serve my community in the same vein to fix our state. You can always count on me to be a ‘call it as I see it’ politician.”

Editor’s Note: The district in which Buzz Patterson is running is very winnable by a conservative Republican. Do not disregard his campaign as another lost California cause. He can (and I believe will) win this important race.

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