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Mueller’s testimony will only splinter the Democratic Party even further



Muellers testimony will only splinter the Democratic Party even further

Call me a cynic, but I’ve been turning the prospects of Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress over and over in my head to seek a reason why Democrats would have pursued it. The one benefit to them is that it’s a brief distraction – one to three news cycles – to take attention away from the border crisis. But here’s the funny part about that: When they scheduled it, they were losing the border narrative, but over the last couple of days leading up to Mueller’s testimony, they’ve had a few stories that actually benefited them on the issue. So much for prior proper planning.

Nevertheless, tomorrow’s circus is coming to town and many eyes will be on Mueller and Congress as they exchange points and press for some sort of resolution to the two-year waste of time and dollars that has been aptly called Russiagate. What do Democrats hope to gain? What could they possibly achieve with it? If they think he’s going to sing about how bad President Trump is or how he obstructed the investigation, then this is an exercise in having someone read what they already made public. Any awareness to specific details could have been brought about through their press surrogates. There was no need to initiate the circus.

If, on the other hand, they’re going to have him elaborate on why he didn’t pursue the case, then they’re opening up a fresh can of worms when there are plenty of impeachment worms already crawling around in the Democratic Caucus. Are they going to try avoid having him essentially prompt them to pursue impeachment, or is their goal to use him as justification for going after the President?

This is the rock and the hard place many on the left have discussed, especially among Establishment Democrats in DC. They don’t want to pursue impeachment yet. It wouldn’t be popular and it would play that particular card too early in the election cycle. The best time for impeachment to be an issue, if they’re being strategic about it, is later when they’ve accumulated more information and performed more investigations. By no means am I recommending this as any further attention to the Russia hoax by the press, the people, or our representatives in DC is one of the most wasteful things they could do until the election, and that’s saying a lot considering it’s Congress we’re talking about here.

The choice they’re forcing following the Mueller testimony is whether or not to impeach the President. Unless Mueller drops a bombshell (he won’t) or opens doors to investigations that lead to bombshells (there won’t be), then this is going to exacerbate the internal debate they’re already having in the Democratic Party. It’s one of several, but second only to the overarching Pelosi-vs-Squad battle, the impeachment debate is the most contentious.

If they impeach at the request of the radicals in their party (who happened to be joined by a few dozen more moderate representatives) following Mueller’s testimony, then they risk alienating the party to many voters and playing right into the President’s hands. He’ll be able to play the victim card because they’ll make him a victim.

If Mueller testifies and they still don’t impeach, the divide between the two warring factions will only grow wider.

Mueller’s testimony will reveal some things of interest that could harm the President, but these will have short-term effects. The lasting effect will echo the sentiment that Democrats focused on a single mission – removing President Trump – when they should be trying to solve problems of the issues they’ve created for the American people, including the border crisis.

The kabuki dance of the Mueller testimony could affect the President temporarily, but the lasting effects on the unhinged Democrats in the House could be used against them in 2020.

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