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Democrats play for ‘reasonable’ climate change plan will turn radical soon enough



Democrats play for reasonable climate change plan will be more unpopular than it should be

All things being equal, the Democrats’ proposed climate change plan, which calls for net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, isn’t crazy. But things aren’t equal and the plan is going to get panned by both sides of the political aisle for one important reason: Everyone’s perspective on climate change is pushing to the extremes.

On the right, you have full-blown climate change deniers who get more attention than sensible conservatives who question the climate change industry and the pseudo-science behind it. There’s a difference between saying climate change isn’t real and appreciating that whether it’s real or not, it makes sense to move to renewable energy within a reasonable time frame.

On the left, you have the climate catastrophe ideologues who demand an end to fossil fuels yesterday. No more beef. No more air travel. It’s Green New Deal or bust for the radical progressives even though the Green New Deal has very little do with addressing climate change at all.

The “moderate” view is that we should be heading towards two things as a country: Fossil fuel independence and renewable energy technology that is cost-effective. And the 2050 number proposed by Democrats falls within the realm of “reasonable” as long as we assume science will better understand climate change in the future and technology will make renewable energy more efficiently collected and stored than it is today.

And if by around 2050 there are still climate change doubts and/or if renewable energy still isn’t as cost-effective as fossil fuels, we push that date further.

Personally, I am a very big climate change skeptic, but my biggest concern is in how the science is being manipulated for political activism and to push a progressive agenda. I’m not such a skeptic that I wouldn’t look at proper climate science data. I’ve just had a hard time seeing the actual data pointing to the cataclysm that’s allegedly a decade away.

Still, both sides are going to push back against the moderate proposal, and that includes people who are otherwise political moderates. Just as the abortion debate has turned much more polarized in recent years, so too has climate change. It’s do everything now or nothing at all, depending on one’s perspective.

Democrats are going to make climate change an issue for the 2020 elections. But they’re going to do so from a “moderate” perspective. Don’t be fooled. They will shift to the radical if ever allowed in office.

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