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Stossel: Minimum wage hurts beginners



One of the greatest lies ever told in modern American politics is that raising the minimum wage will help more people than it hurts. There’s no doubt that some people will not lose hours from their increased wage, but many will. Some will lose their jobs altogether. And others will not be able to enter the workforce even though they could have with a lower minimum wage.

These truths are clear from the handful of experiments tried around the country in places like Seattle and New York. In fact, one of the biggest proponents of the $15 minimum wage, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was saddened when her former employer shut down despite being extremely popular. The reason: forced minimum wage hike.

In this video by John Stossel, he explores some of the drawbacks of a higher minimum wage. There are clear economic indicators that it’s a terrible idea, but leftist populism and surface-level economic policies are hard to counter.

Trying to force people to think critically is a challenge, but it’s one we must continue to undertake. As long as the left pushes ideas that seem good on the surface, they’ll get votes from the uninformed. It’s our job to inform them.

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