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Joe Biden becomes third Democrat to pass the ‘Andy Ngo vs Antifa’ test



Joe Biden becomes third Democrat to pass the Andy Ngo vs Antifa test

The Democratic presidential candidates are being tested. A few of the more clueless candidates probably don’t even realize it because their attitude towards the election is such that if they were even told about independent journalist Andy Ngo and others being attacked by Antifa, it didn’t really register as important since nobody got killed. That’s the state of the news cycle. No deaths, no worries.

But some of the Democrats knew their reaction to the attack was being watched, and so they, in turn, watched everyone else. Bernie Sanders watched Elizabeth Warren, who watched Kamala Harris, who watched Pete Buttigieg, who watched Bernie Sanders. With no reactions and the story dying down, they were able to proceed with their campaigns without having to acknowledge the vicious attacks by a group of people heavily supported by the radical wing of their party.

Former Vice President Joe Biden, always known for speaking up about things even if they’re not popular, became the third candidate to call out the atrocity and the only one among the frontrunners to even mention it.

Biden condemns violent Antifa assault on conservative journalist Andy Ngo

The Democratic presidential candidate “believes violence directed at anyone because of their political opinions is never acceptable, regardless of what those beliefs might be,” a campaign spokesman said in a statement to The Post. “He believes freedom of expression is fundamental to who we are as Americans, and that Andy Ngo’s attackers should be identified and investigated.”

Ngo, an editor of the website Quillette, was attacked by a mob of left-wing Antifa protesters in Portland on June 29, leaving him hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage.

Two other Democratic presidential candidates — Rep. Eric Swalwell of California and tech entrepreneur Andrew Yang — have also made statements denouncing the violence. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) called for an investigation.

Before we jump up and down praising him, let’s remember he stayed just as silent as the other frontrunners did until the question was posed to him. Under normal circumstances, I believe he would have said something. But this election is anything but normal and the circumstances surrounding Biden’s awkward campaign thus far has everyone in his camp gun shy and antsy at the same time. There is no reason for any of the candidates to ignore a hot situation like this, but mainstream media didn’t say much about their silence and their potential voters seemed to have mixed feelings, so they followed right along without a peep.

These are not leaders. They are followers. The follow the buzz in the news cycle. They follow the polls. They follow reactions to other candidates proposing this, that, or the other. They follow whatever their big data efforts are telling them. And in some situations, as with Andy Ngo, they follow the reactions of “thought leaders” in their caucus, specifically Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, and the Justice Democrats. If the thought leaders don’t react, the candidates don’t react.

It’s sad that these people, who want to be the most powerful person in the world, are so influenced by these “thought leaders.” None of them were going after “concentration camps” until AOC made it an issue. Now, they’re scrambling to the border to virtue signal that they, too, want to help illegal immigrants. None of them were worried about the Betsy Ross flag until Colin Kaepernick made it an issue. Now, some are singing his praises and virtue signaling against our racist past.

Do you see the trend?

Andrew Yang and Eric Swalwell might have limited hopes of winning, but Biden is still on top of the polls for now. We’ll see if any of the others near the top are going to follow his lead, or if they’ll stick together as radical progressives who will let the incident get swept under the rug.

So far, Joe Biden’s late acknowledgement of Antifa’s attacks against Andy Ngo and others stands alone among frontrunners. Will it matter to Democrats? Probably not. The sad reality is most Democrats don’t want the Antifa problem solved.

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