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The left hates liberty, but they love guns!



The left hates liberty but they love guns

The Left isn’t anti-gun. Recent articles show they want to be armed while the Pro-liberty right is disarmed.

Sometimes one can see the advantage and sheer entertainment value of the President tweeting something to set off the Authoritarian Socialist Left on some new issue or direction. Were it not such a serious topic, the reaction of the Left to Gun Pride Month would be hilarious. Several cases had them contradict themselves in one publication, with the usual demands for gun confiscation in one instance, while they called for the arming of the Left in another.

The Left is clearly opposed to the cause of Liberty. This is why it’s a mistake to label them as ‘anti-gun’. They love guns, they just don’t want them in the wrong hands.

Setting off the Left with Gun Pride Month

When we started Gun Pride month last year it was in response to the steady drum beat towards gun confiscation arising on the federal, state and local levels. In the beginning, GPM was a small celebration of Liberty. It is now growing by leaps and bounds. The intent was to show that the more than 120 Million gun owners in the country were not going to be collectively punished for the crimes of a few. Nor were we going to give up our common sense human rights knowing the sequence from history has always been Registration, Confiscation, Annihilation.

The point was to use a certain phraseology that shows that Pro-Liberty patriots had become the first – but not the last – targets of the ire of the Liberty Grabber Left. The poetic statement of Martin Niemöller “First they came for the…” is that the Left tends to isolate and oppress certain groups in turn until no one remained to resist their socialist tyranny.

However, something rather interesting took place with the event beginning this year. Several Far-Left publications just happened to run several articles on the subject of guns at the beginning of Gun Pride Month. The subsidiary of NBC that targeted the Liberty of Steven Crowder ran not one, but two articles on the subject. Even more astounding is that these two stories contradicted each other.

Vox calls for gun confiscation while calling for Leftists to arm themselves

As we stated, it’s quite often entertaining when Leftists trip all over themselves in trying to foster their ever contradictory jihad against Liberty. In the first instance, German Lopez fired up the Vox explain-o-mobile, declaring that: Democrats have been discussing the same ideas on guns for 25 years. It’s time to change thatThere should be a Medicare-for-all or Green New Deal for ending gun violence. Not wanting to be shy when it comes to the destruction of a basic human right, Mr. Lopez declared:

To change the status quo, Democrats should go big. They need to focus on the abundance of guns in the US and develop a suite of policies that directly tackle that issue, from licensing to confiscation to more aggressive bans of certain kinds of firearms (including, perhaps, all semiautomatic weapons or at least some types of handguns).

[Emphasis added]

This was followed up with a rather long and convoluted piece demanding that Left’s suite of candidates for president neglect any concerns for Liberty and push for every kind of draconian measure they can think of against freedom. Primarily because the previous restrictions that were supposed to solve the problem didn’t work as advertised. Never mind that these would run contrary to our nation’s founding documents.

The Left has a fever, and the only prescription is more gun confiscation

The Liberty Grabber Left scrupulously avoids using the ‘C’ word, often dancing a jig on the line over which they openly demand gun confiscation. Never mind that every other Liberty destroying proposal on their part eviscerates the 2nd amendment, much less infringes on a Constitutionally enumerated civil and human right.

No doubt they’ve worn out their copy of Roget’s Thesaurus trying to come up with euphemisms for the word. Everything from banning guns to the ridiculous assertion that they can ‘buy back’ what they have never owned, making an offer we cannot refuse, suffering nuclear annihilation for non-compliance.

The Left doesn’t need a serious crisis to come out against Liberty

It is very important to remember that the Left doesn’t need a serious crisis to make more demands for gun confiscation. They will bring up the subject unconnected with an event that supposedly shows the need for these actions. The invocation of Gun Pride Month being a prime example, there was no tragedy present and yet they felt the need to reiterate their demands for more restrictions on Liberty.

This isn’t about ‘fear’ or ‘protecting the children’ but the overwhelming desire on the part of the Authoritarian Socialist Left to attain political power over the Pro-Liberty Right.

These are people who only pretend to be supportive of individual Liberty. In reality they cannot abide individuals defending that freedom. They never mention this aspect of the 2nd amendment, but something that ‘starts a conversation’ without a serious crisis in the mix lays bare their true intent.

Confiscation contradictions

Oddly enough, the first days of Gun Pride Month saw the moral and intellectual betters of Vox and the New Republic foster the notion that the Left should ‘reclaim guns’ from the Right. The Vox piece contradicted the screed from Mr. Lopez, and had the bonus issue of an ideological contradiction right in the title: I’m a left-wing anarchist. It’s time to reclaim guns from the right.

Of course the phrase ‘Left-wing anarchist’ is a contradiction in terms dictionary definitions of those words, akin to referring to an object being composed of matter and anti-matter, but we digress. Even worse was the use of the phrase ‘reclaim guns from the right’ which could have two meanings, a rhetorical reclaiming or a hidden meaning that the Left should take all the guns from the right and ‘reclaim’ them as their own.

There is a prevailing narrative that pegs guns and armed self-defense exclusively to Republicans, racist libertarians, and other generally Constitution-obsessed weirdos. It maintains that those on the left want to take away everyone’s guns and swathe the entire country in bubble wrap.

This piece was followed up by one in the New Republic also calling for a contradiction against the confiscation narrative: Antifa Is Arming Itself Against a Trump Crackdown.  That screed almost makes the Vox piece look rational by comparison, complete with incomprehensible Leftist ranting to nonsensical word salad labeling. Both of these pieces had two implications, with one being rather sinister in intent. They both negate the whole point of the Left’s supposed concerns about guns while raising the possibility that they only want the Left to be armed.

Negating the gun confiscation agenda

To hear the left talk about it, guns have to be confiscated because that is the only way we can all be safe. One of the signs at the Marx of Our Lives event stated that ‘If nobody had a gun, nobody would need a gun!’. Never mind that would be an impossibility, the idea from the Liberty Grabbers is that we must take every one of the 400 – 600 million guns from more than 120 million innocent gun owners so that these somehow cannot be used to hurt anyone. Forget about the fact that left to their own devices, these millions of guns would just sit around and rust. To the Left, their mere existence is enough of a threat to warrant immediate and full confiscation.

These two articles along with many others admonishing the Left to arm themselves signifies that they don’t really consider all of those guns to be a threat. It also negates the Left’s gun confiscation agenda because those pieces admit that guns change the social dynamic from one of force to one of reason as pointed out in the classic essay: why the gun is civilization.

“Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party.” – Mao Zedong


Consider the words of Mao Zedong and other Leftists in that they love to have guns in their hands, but not in those that would ‘resist’ their oppression. That is the main implication of those articles imploring the Left to grab guns, aside from the fact that it destroys the whole rationale for their gun confiscation agenda. It does however shed new light on many of the licensing schemes and push for Gun Confiscation SWATing legislation. These measures place control of the use of force in the hands of the national Socialist-Left.

This isn’t about ‘gun safety’ or fear of ‘military style’ weapons. This is about disempowering their opposition, wanting their side to have a monopoly on the use of force. That is the point of those screeds encouraging Leftists to grab for the guns. They hate the Liberty that those weapons represent in someone else’s hands.

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