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Antifa’s violence against Andy Ngo draws silence from Democrats, leftist media



Antifas violence against Andy Ngo draws silence from Democrats leftist media

Imagine a scenario in which a far-right or alt-right group beat an independent journalist, threw milkshakes on him (that may have contained fast-drying cement), and sprayed him with an unknown putrid chemical. Oh, and it was all on camera. It would have gotten at least close to the attention of a Covington Catholic School student who stood in front of a Native American, right?

Well, it happened. But it wasn’t a far-right or alt-right group that attacked the independent journalist, Andy Ngo. It was Portland’s Antifa, the far-left group that uses whatever means necessary to spread their message of hatred and push an anti-American agenda. That’s why coverage of it will be muted. Reporting on Antifa doesn’t fit the media’s narrative that the right has the market cornered on violence.

Instead, the “news” is about milkshakes and trending on Twitter, as Newsweek reported: “Antifa trends on Twitter after video shows protest group throwing milkshakes at journalist.”

Sorry, mainstream media “journalists,” but milkshakes and Twitter aren’t the news, here. A man peacefully documenting the actions of the radical progressive group Antifa was violently attacked by multiple masked figures. That’s the news. That’s what happened.

The only reason actions like these can go unpunished and under-reported is because of the source of the attack and the victim. Antifa is heralded by many progressives as people who simply oppose fascism. They’ve been praised by politicians ranging from Joe Biden to Mitt Romney. Their actions are accepted by many journalists who run cover for them in order to keep their reign of terror intact.

These are domestic terrorists. They are not peaceful protesters or righteous activists. They are thugs.

Conservatives spoke out on Twitter:

Andy Ngo bravely put his safety on the line because he felt a need to continue exposing Antifa for the anti-American thugs they are. He is an example of how we fight back: information, patience, and bravery. Let the left remain silent on this.

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