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Snopes begrudgingly acknowledges Obama’s administration built the migrant cages



Snopes begrudgingly acknowledges Obamas administration built the migrant cages

It’s like reading a confession written by a high school student caught cheating on an exam. When fact-checking site Snopes finally took on the quest of determining if President Obama was responsible for building the cages used at border patrol migrant camps across the southern border, they acknowledge it was true.

The rest of the story is a series of whataboutisms that start with “but Trump” and other redirecting phrases. But Trump had the no-tolerance policy. But Trump was wrong about this. But Trump did that. It’s funny, the clear anti-Trump bias being displayed by a “fact” checker that is obviously beholden to the left’s narrative.

But then Trump stated, “Obama built the cages. I didn’t build them. Obama built them.”

That portion of Trump’s commentary is true. Images of children behind chain-link fencing were widely seen at a site in McAllen, Texas, that had been converted from a warehouse to an immigrant-detention facility in 2014. Social media users who defended Trump’s immigration policies also shared a 2014 image of Obama’s Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson touring a facility in Nogales, Arizona, in 2014, in which the fencing could be seen surrounding migrants there, too. That image was taken during a spike in the number of unaccompanied children fleeing violence in Central American countries.

However, there’s a narrative they couldn’t perpetuate, namely the commonly spread lie that President Trump is solely responsible for the installation and use of cages to detain migrants who have illegally crossed our southern border. There are asylum laws that protect these people, but there are also immigration laws that require them to be held for certain periods of time while they’re processed, allowing time for background checks before releasing them to the interior.

It’s still refreshing to see Snopes do the right thing. When I clicked on the link, I half-expected that they would somehow spin the notion that the Obama administration built the cages as “false.”

The more Americans learn about what’s really happening at the border and why, the better it will be for both migrants and the American citizens. We are a sovereign nation that has the right to determine who is allowed to be here.

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