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Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson announces Congressional run



Lt Col Buzz Patterson announces Congressional run

Patterson Rejects Liberal Narrative That Undermines Our Country And Our Constitution, Promises To Put Our Nation Back On Track By Returning To Conservative Values

SACRAMENTO, CA – July 2 – Today, Lt. Col. Buzz Patterson, a retired U.S. Air Force combat pilot and White House military aid who carried the nuclear ‘football’ for the Clinton administration, announced his candidacy for Congress in California’s 7th District. Republican Buzz Patterson pledges to fight against liberal policies that are ruining California and making our cities unlivable and will always put America first by returning to more Conservative values.

Buzz gave the following statement, “The Clintons played fast and loose with the law. I’ve seen their abuse of power firsthand, and I’ve spent my career exposing the truth. Ami Bera is another liberal self-interested politician who puts himself first, not us. We deserve a Representative who will get real results and solve problems, not cause them.”

He continued, “I’m running for Congress because I believe in building a stronger military to keep the American people safe. I’ll secure our border and protect the law-abiding citizens of this great nation. We need to roll back burdensome regulations that cause small businesses to fail, stop out of control spending, and always put America first. I’ll fight for our homeless veterans – they stepped up, and now it’s time we did the same for them. I stand for a strong and united America that protects the rights of its citizens and keeps them safe.”

Chief Strategist for Buzz Patterson’s campaign, John Thomas, said, “Finally voters have a choice to repeal and replace a failed Sacramento politician that has let California down for long enough. We know people are paying attention to the news and are outraged by the state of our cities made unlivable by liberal policies. We don’t need politicians, we need leaders like Buzz. He has an exemplary record of service to our Country and possesses the highest military virtues.”

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

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