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Hamas continues incendiary balloon terrorism in southern Israel despite agreement



Hamas continues incendiary balloon terrorism in southern Israel despite agreement

Hamas agreed to stop terrorizing southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, but incendiary balloons continue to be launched, sparking around 100 fires in the last week alone. Now, residents are turning to he United Nations for assistance.

“I’m from a community near the Gaza Strip and I feel invisible,” said one resident in a video by the Unity with the South protest group. “I feel like the rest of the country doesn’t see me.”

These balloons are often colorful with cartoon images on them, sent in hopes of attracting children to them before they detonate in a burst of flames. The practice has been a popular form of senseless terrorism for years, but in recent months with drought and high temperatures, they’ve increased in frequency and consequences.

Residents to turn to UN to protest incendiary Gaza balloons

Despite a reported agreement between Hamas and Israel, 14 fires were sparked by incendiary balloons on Friday. Another two fires were caused by balloons on Saturday, according to a spokesman for Israel’s Fire and Rescue Services.

A total of about 100 fires were reported in the past week, but no government officials visited the area or discussed the issue with regional council heads in the area, according to Channel 13.


Israel is in a horrible situation with Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad controlling the Gaza Strip. They continue to get attacked, yet any actions taken against their attackers are condemned by the international community. With BDS ramping up efforts and anti-Semitism rising among American Democrats, the future seems grim for the Jewish state.

But these particular attacks are extremely difficult to address. It’s not like rockets that can be easily traced back to their source. Incendiary balloons do not show up on radar. They don’t make noise until it’s too late. Worst of all, they’re driven by wind, meaning there’s no easy way to predict when and where they’ll hit.

The United States must continue to support Israel and push for a Middle East peace agreement that does not include Hamas or PIJ. Any future of peace in the Middle East will not include these devious and backstabbing terrorists.


‘Right-wing people say that I deserve this because of the disengagement. Left-wing people say that I deserve this because I voted for Bibi.” – South Israel Resident

Final Thoughts

Israel is in a state of political flux. Hamas will do everything it can to harm the reelection chances of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, even if it means breaking another agreement. They know the international community will not act against them.

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