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Portland’s Antifa terrorists strike again following Andy Ngo attack



Antifa Terrorists

One of the traits of terrorists is they often get more violent once they demonstrate success with their cowardly acts. That trait is evident in Portland’s Antifa movement who didn’t feel they did enough by viciously attacking independent journalist Andy Ngo. They had to take it further. Much further.

A thread by Michelle Malkin reveals a partial picture of the insane levels of violence perpetrated by the masked terrorists over the weekend. Warning: Graphic images and video.

At first, mainstream media was silent and progressive Antifa supporters were blaming the victims. Now, we’re seeing the media frame this as violence breaking out at Proud Boys-Antifa protests. Wow. I haven’t seen any videos of Proud Boys attacking random citizens, or anyone else for that matter. They weren’t walking around intimidating people with crowbars and throwing milkshakes with fast-dry cement on them. I’m not defending anything the Proud Boys may have done during these protests, but I haven’t seen anything even close to the level of lawlessness and violence as we’ve seen coming from Antifa.

These are domestic terrorists. There is no reasonable way to classify them otherwise. They walk the streets dressed to protect their identities and they attack people who do not share their views. What more do they have to do until their denounced by Democrats and progressive activists? When will Hollywood make a video denouncing this violence, as they’ve done in the past with less violent activities? In our post-truth society, Antifa is still viewed as somehow being a positive influence by too many on the left.

After seeing this thread by Michelle Malkin, it’s clearly time for Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler to step down. His anti-American views that compel him to leave his residents unprotected are disgraceful. He is Antifa’s cheerleader, not Portland’s.

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