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Of course intersectionality is Kamala Harris’s weapon. It’s all she has.



Of course intersectionality is Kamala Harriss weapon Its all she has

Pete Buttigieg has intellect. Cory Booker has passion. Andrew Yang, Elizabeth Warren, Tulsi Gabbard, and Julian Castro have ideas. I may disagree with all of these candidates, but I respect that they’re trying to make the Democratic nomination race about more than their intersectional statuses. The same cannot be said about Kamala Harris, whose only claims to fame are running away from post policies, sleeping her way up the ladder, and the fact that she’s a female minority.

Since the first two claims to fame are negatives, she has latched onto her protected status as her primary qualification for being the Democratic nominee. Sure, she has ideas that she’s willing to throw out and change on a whim. She loves making threats with executive orders because doing so is a reminder of all President Obama “accomplished” with a phone and a pen. But her only real bump in the polls came as a result of attacking Joe Biden about racism and shining her credentials as a school girl on a bus, so that’s the story she’s sticking with.

But it can’t last. She can only keep flip-flopping on Medicare-for-All so many times before she’s forced to admit she wants to eliminate all health insurance other than supplemental insurance for those seeking cosmetic surgery. But she continues to hedge her bets, calling for the healthcare atrocity on one side while denying the reality of such a plan on the other side. It’s no wonder so many Americans are confused about what Medicare-for-All really means.

But between the promised executive orders to confiscate guns and the tiptoeing around healthcare, she continues to try to establish herself as the only candidate who checks off all the boxes. She may not be part of the LGBTQ community (as Willie Brown knows very well), but she’s still going after that vote by making Pride Month her favorite thing ever with three Tweets in the last 24 hours.

Kamala Harris will play the woman card. She’ll play the race card. She’ll play the victim card. She’ll echo the superior candidates to see what sticks, but her main focus is going to be about America voting for a female minority. It’s her only credential.

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