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The far-left hates liberty. Isn’t it time to stop praising them as being liberal? Part I



The far-left hates liberty Isnt it time to stop praising them as being liberal Part I

The Far-Left is losing the argument and losing the plot, it’s time to stop using terms that imply they support freedom?

This past week had the Far-Left media lined up en mass to condemn Steven Crowder in their ongoing effort in silencing those that oppose their agenda as reported by Blaine Traber. In their ever-shifting standard of ‘Hate-speech’, they have decided that certain words now fall under this undefinable standard.

If that headline sounds a bit too harsh, consider it in the context of recent events with many Far-Left radicals actively working to silence their opposition as well as deprive them of basic civil rights. That is primarily directed at those the furthest over on the Left side of the rational political spectrum. These would be the Totalitarian Ten Percent that is demanding that the nation lurch into full-on socialism.

The ire of that headline is also directed at a few on the Conservative-Right who insist on using a ‘word salad’ in describing the Left, Conservative pundits such as  Sean Hannity that insist on incorrectly labeling the Left as ‘Liberal’. Part I will detail some of the latest examples of Far-Left activists attempting to silence opposing voices as well as examining why this is the case. Part II will address the second part of the admonition in the headline, why we need to properly label the small but extremely vocal Totalitarian Ten Percent.

Leftists tend to be highly ‘selective’ in feigning outrage, depending on who is talking at the moment. One could assert that Leftist ‘comedians’ also tend to ‘harm the broader community’ but that is praised as being ‘edgy’ or whatever, without so much as a whisper of a call that they be condemned or ‘de-platformed’. Quite often these humorists are lauded for their routines that have Christians and others as the target of their abuse. This not about harm to the broader community, but the expression of ideas in the defense of individual Liberty, concepts that they can no longer abide.

Carlos Maza: ‘Milkshake them all, Make them dread public organizing’

For the uninitiated, the term ‘Milkshaking’ refers to the hurling of a milkshake onto those of the Conservative-Right to humiliate them and drive them from the public sphere as he state in this tweet:

Milkshake them all. Humiliate them at every turn. Make them dread public organizing.

Please take note of a key word in that admonition: public. This is not in the context of a private platform that can set its own vague and contradictory rules. That is a call for low-level violence in the public sphere.

There are those who try to play the checkmate move that these are private companies that can do what they want. Which is quite ironic when voiced by those of the Socialist Left given that they have no use for the important concept of private property in other discussions. They love to imply that all property is somehow under the ‘collective’ auspices of society at large, but when it comes to protecting Leftists calling for violence or denigrating certain groups, it’s suddenly ‘hands off!’, we cannot possibly tell a Leftist organisation not to be blatantly biased in the extreme. The rest of the time private property is under whatever collectivist claim that is fashionable at the moment, but when protecting the Left, that’s a different story.

Tim Pool Video: Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

Then there is this video report from Tim Pool that exposes an e-mail from a ‘Journalist’ from Slate magazine showing how they ‘Deplatform’ a political rival in light of the actions of the Socialist–Left this past week:

Left Wing Media Activist Email Leak Shows How They Deplatform Political Rivals

Liberal Individualism is based on Liberty versus Leftist Collectivism based on coercion

There was a time when Leftists denied the obvious truth about their base ideology. They intermingled with true Liberals, parroting similar talking points and ideas. In many cases, these were close enough that they could use the cover of ‘Liberalism’ to further the ideals of collectivism. A prime example of this phenomenon were the small, culturally homogenous Scandinavian countries provide very generous governmental benefits while relying on the taxpayers of the states to foot the bill for their defense. The Socialist-Left falsely attributes these essentially free-market success stories as being examples of the functionality of socialism.

The Far-Left regularly forwards this falsehood while vehemently denying that failed socialist nations were socialist. While both agendas may have a passing resemblance in some cases, definitionally speaking Liberalism is based on individual Liberty while Leftism is based on Collectivism. This is the distinction that makes the world of difference between the two.

Individualism is based on Liberty

Liberalism is based on the philosophy of individualism, favoring individual liberty, free trade, and individual Rights.

While it is the philosophy of Collectivism that undergirds the Far-Left. This exalts the collective over the individual as in ‘Gemeinnutz vor Eigennutz’ translated from the original German as: Common Good Before Individual Good.

Liberalism is based on Liberty, hence the reason that Liberal and Liberty share the same root word Libertas.
This is contrasted with the Left’s of Collectivism that has to be based in coercion, because the group has priority over the property and labour of the individual.

Collectivism is based on Coercion

Property or labour redistribution will always be the common thread that ties together the proposals or programs of the Socialist-Left. There is always some form of deprivation of the wealth of some individuals that is transferred to the Collective at large. This is always couched in terms of ‘equality’, ’fairness’ or the false assertion of a ‘right’ to other people’s money. But the fact is, the
Philosophy of collectivism or it’s better known positive sounding variation socialism will have the central tenet of individual property redistribution at its core.

It logically follows that coercion has to be endemic to any Collectivist or socialist system. This is the ugly truth of socialism and the foundational reason that Leftism is based in Lies. On occasion, some Leftists will try to assert that this can all be done on a ‘voluntary basis’, but this defies basic human nature. Even though Karl Marx was several centuries behind the times in developing the Left’s base ideology. His admonition of ‘From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs’ has to be predicated on the use of force. While there will always be those perfectly willing to line up for free benefits, the other side of the equation has to be enforced at the point of a gun.

What are the consequences of an ideology based on coercion?

Dishonesty and deception

The Collectivists on the Far-Left cannot exactly be honest about the true nature of their base ideology. They can talk a good game about all the free benefits, but they tend to neglect the source of the funds for these freebies. They will self-righteously pontificate about the alleged ‘right’ to healthcare without mentioning that it’s going to take the labour and property of others to make it work. The same holds true for every other right they want to create out of whole cloth, no matter the flowery ‘social justice’ language, there will have to be a source of other people’s money to fund it all.

Liberty Control: Silencing the opposition and controlling the language

This is the natural result of the Left having an ideology that has to rely on deception to survive. On top of the fact that it’s woefully inadequate ideas cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas.

The Left must also scrupulously control the language to cast their failed system in the best light possible. This begins with the label mentioned in the headline and continues into every realm. This will be part of the discussion in part II.

Liberty Control: A monopoly on the use of force

It’s one of those ‘coincidences’ that is also kept under wraps, but it’s a sure bet that socialists tend to favor their opposition being disarmed. The plain fact that an ideology predicated on the use of force cannot abide the people being able to ‘resist’ their benevolent dictates. Hence the reason the Left obsesses incessantly over gun confiscation.

The Takeaway

The Socialist-Left’s base ideology is set upon a foundation of coercion, concealed by a web of lies and deceptions. It is antithetical to Liberty along with free speech and the right of self-defense.

The Left cannot abide these individual rights just as it cannot abide Liberty because it stands in the way of its socialist national agenda. That is why the Far-Left hates Liberty and it is why we need to expose their language deceptions at every turn, beginning with their false labeling as Liberal.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement



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Ben Carson points to Trump’s policies as proof he is not a racist



Ben Carson points to Trumps policies as proof he is not a racist

HUD Secretary Ben Carson knows about racism. He’s dealt with it throughout his life growing up in Detroit. He knows how to recognize a racist and makes an important point about President Trump as the media and Democrats continue to paint him as a bigot. His point: If you want to see whether or not Trump is a racist, look at his policies.

I’ll take that sentiment up a notch and say look at the results of his policies. The unemployment rates for black and Hispanic Americans are at all-time lows. His attempts to thwart illegal immigration are designed protect and empower legal immigrants. And the freedom to live as an American citizen regardless of race or any other element of intersectionality has never been higher. If Trump is a racist, he’s very bad at it.

The point the media and Democrats point to is a Tweet that many question whether or not it was a racist sentiment. Don’t buy into the media lies that it’s a foregone conclusion; they are using the logical fallacy of “begging the question” in order to try to convince the American people that they don’t like Trump’s Tweet. But in reality, what he said in context was not racist. Irresponsible? Yes. Inappropriate? Maybe, maybe not. The House members he was referring to have a tendency to inflame people, mostly in a negative way, and have demonstrated clearly anti-American worldviews through their own words and actions.

Secretary Carson’s point should be heeded by all Americans. If Trump is a racist, his policies certainly don’t reflect that. If he’s trying to keep minorities down, he’s failing miserably. But look at the state of minorities in Democratic cities. Different story.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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What the far-Left radical socialists do not understand: They are now a small political minority




What the far-Left radical socialists do not understand They are now a small political minority

Studies have shown that the far-Left radical socialists are an ever-shrinking but excessively vocal political minority.

This is one of those columns that’s been in composition for weeks, being a number of ideas that floated about in their own eco-sphere until they attained enough weight to gel together. Oddly enough, the spark was a piece on journalist Andy Ngo in Buzzfeed ‘News’. Apparently being attacked by a mob of the fascist Left that put him in hospital was the best thing for his career, never mind the neurological aftereffects.

Much like the stopped clock being right twice a day, the Far-Left media does get things correct on occasion. They have begun to label anyone not of their ilk to be on the ‘center-right’ or Conservative as in this case.

The Hidden tribes study showed this to be a stark situation for the far-Left radical socialists, with only 8% of the country self-identifying as such. These are what the study termed to be ‘Progressive’ activists [ a misnomer in itself since they want to go back to the failed ideas of socialism of the past – but we digress]. However, they do have it correct in that most who are not of their collectivist cadres are on the Pro-Liberty Right, the country’s political majority.

The political minority that is the far-Left radical socialists: The Totalitarian Ten Percent

We’ve rounded this up to 10% for generosity and alliteration to be the Totalitarian Ten Percent as an accurate and handy moniker for those who want to ‘Rule the population’. This is the ever shrinking true believers in socialism, that dismiss the stark evidence of it’s 400 years of failure as ‘not really being socialism’ or some such nonsense. Many on the Conservative-Right have eviscerated this mythology numerous times:

The study showed the rest of the population as being the opposite of the ‘Totalitarian Ten Percent’. The people in the 90% fall into the defined categories of the rational political spectrum as being on the Pro-Liberty Right moving from the political center with ‘Traditional and passive’ Liberals, those politically disengaged, moderates and Conservatives.

Studies on ‘Political correctness’ the culture and Liberty destroying scourge of our day also show a decreasing tendency for ‘concern’ on this issue. As has been the case throughout our history, we have fixed the problems that have plagued us. The issue is that while the political majority on the right has righted these wrongs. The political minority on the socialist Far-Left has taken credit for these actions and then come up with new issues no one else care about, such as the labeling of underground cable access points as ‘manholes’. The rest of us on the Pro-Liberty political majority right don’t care, we’re too busy living our lives..

The problem of the Totalitarian Ten Percent annoying everyone else.

The problem for the political majority is that Totalitarian Ten Percent holds the attention or is part of the nation’s socialist media. While their ratings and audience are shrinking at an alarming rate for them, they have an unfortunate tendency to lash out at the rest of us. Their desperation has driven them to want to burn it all down, causing havoc and chaos, so they can step in and offer their ‘solution’. These are, of course, the usual concepts of an ‘Ideal state’ born in the Socratic dialogues of Plato’s Republic from 2,400 years ago, ideas that have failed for centuries but are now supposedly ‘new’.

This is why they want the insanity of open borders, free health care for the world, gun confiscation and strict controls on the Liberty of free speech. This is their ‘Hail Mary’ play to avoid ignominious defeat of their precious cult of collectivism. Encourage as many illegal invaders from around the world, in addition to murderous criminal gang members and drugs, to stream over the border to be newly minted citizens that can vote for all kinds of goodies with other people’s money.

Their socialist national agenda is clear to all that are listening, offer free healthcare, free college, free housing, free food, free childcare, free money and anything else they can think of. To everyone and anyone willing to pay thousands to hop a flight to Brazil and cross the Southern border.

All of this ‘paid’ for by simply – and insanely – inflating the money supply.  The funds for this extreme largess eventually being other peoples’ money. Never mind that their ‘Flat Earth’ socialist ideology has never worked in 4 Centuries, or that one way or another, it will destroy the economy. That’s a feature, not a bug for them, because in their minds, when the whole thing inevitably implodes, they will run in and offer their ‘solution’. In much the same way that they are offering the same solution to Obamacare imploding.

In the case of the inspiration for writing this, the piece from Buzzfeed ‘News’ was essentially another case of the overly vocal socialist far-Left blaming the victim. The piece also expended a number of electrons describing virtually anyone not of their collectivist mindset as Conservative or on the right, hardly attributable to some media personalities who ‘rightfully’ [pardon the pun] consider themselves to be Liberal or moderate. Thus was the inspiration for this essay.

It’s time for the rational 90% to stand up for sanity.

There are obvious problems with a small political minority of ‘neo Bolsheviks’ wanting to run everyone’s life, beginning with their complete hypocrisy [what else is new] in making demands for democracy. But then again, these are people who disdain Liberty while pretending to be ‘Liberal’ or want to go back to failed ancient ideas while being ‘progressive’. Of course, Leftists have explained that apparently ‘Liberty’ and ‘freedom’ are imaginary constructs – along with the concept of money. Illustrating just how far they have gone in losing the plot.

The Authoritarian Socialist Left would like to run everyone’s life for various reasons, social justice, global cooling, or just because they somehow are more intelligent than the rest of us [Just as them]. We of the rational 90% would just like to be ‘left’ alone, we do not care about their ever changing sensibilities over language. We do not care about their repetition of the dangers of global cooling, global warming, Climate change, climate emergency, climate crisis, or whatever it is this week. We don’t care that someone else is making a dollar more than us, the economy is humming along nicely.

Were they truly interested in democracy, Liberty or Progress, the far-Left radical socialists would advocate what works in the real world: Economic freedom. The fact that they want to impose by force a system that has never worked by undemocratic means to the detriment of Liberty should tell us everything we need to know about why they should be rejected and opposed at every turn.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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Two weeks after Benghazi attack, Ilhan Omar Tweeted ‘Allahu Akbar’



Two weeks after Benghazi attack Ilhan Omar Tweeted Allahu Akbar

This is old news, of course, but bears repeating at this time. Representative Ilhan Omar has been doing everything she can over the last couple of weeks to paint herself as the victim of bigotry and someone who loves our country. And while there’s definitely some substance to the notion that crowds of Republicans shouldn’t be chanting “send her back,” it’s also understandable why so many Americans are opposed to her presence on Capitol Hill.

Even if we dismiss reports that she married her brother, called for CBP to be eliminated, said this is “not going to be the country of white people,” referred to 9/11 as “some people did something,” and is regularly praised by former KKK leader David Duke, it’s difficult to dismiss her reaction to the Benghazi attacks that took the lives of four American heroes in 2012.

I’m not going to dignify her Tweet with an opinion. She’s the one who needs to explain it. But despite her celebration, life isn’t good for the four men who lost there’s in Benghazi. Remember this, folks, as Democrats embrace her wholeheartedly.

We are currently forming the American Conservative Movement. If you are interested in learning more, we will be sending out information in a few weeks.

American Conservative Movement

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