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Symbolism: The tree planted at the White House by Trump and Macron has died



Symbolism The tree planted at the White House by Trump and Macron has died

In April, 2018, the Presidents of the United States and France dug a hole together on the White House lawn to plant an oak tree. It was from the Belleau Wood north-east of Paris where 1,811 Americans died in June 1918 while fighting in WWI.  The tree was supposed to symbolize the strong relationship between America and France and act as a reminder of the importance of our alliance.

But relationships between the two Presidents have been deteriorating as Emmanuel Macron’s staunch adherence to globalism has clashed with President Trump’s belief in nationalism.

Just as the relationship has soured, so too has the tree. It has been confirmed as dying in quarantine.

After the planting in front of their wives and the press, the tree was uprooted and placed in quarantine as required by law. It never made it out of quarantine, just as the relationship between the far-left Macron and the populist conservative Trump has never been positive. They first clashed over the Paris Climate Accords, which President Trump backed out of shortly after moving into the White House. From there, the two leaders have headed in opposite directions. Macron, who was considered to be a centrist during his campaign before demonstrating this radical progressive traits once in power, has seen his nation falling apart at the seems with daily protests flooding the streets of Paris and other cities. Meanwhile, the President is enjoying strong polling numbers and an incredible economy in the United States.

Was the tree’s death a harbinger of the floundering relationship between France and America? Perhaps. As long as Macron retains his globalist credentials, it’s hard to imagine him relating to President Trump at all.

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