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Following executions, the U.S. must break off talks with North Korea and play real hardball



Following executions the US must break off talks with North Korea and play real hardball

North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is a madman.

If this is verified, and at this point there’s no reason to think it won’t be, then it’s time to put an end to the failed North Korean experiment and start treating the regime as the anti-American, anti-sanity dictatorship that it is. We’ve tried to reason with them. We’ve showered them with compliments. We’ve given them their space and allowed them to be aggressors for long enough.

The President must impose the harshest possible sanctions and treat them as if they’re a loose cannon in the hip pockets of both China and Russia.

Will it start a war? Possibly. But the notion that some have of relieving sanctions and letting them, essentially a repeat of the Clinton doctrines of the 90s, will only encourage them to achieve their nuclear ambitions and dominate our allies in South Korea, Japan, and the Philippines. This is unacceptable.

It may not be politically expedient to give up on North Korea now, but it’s better to cut ties before election season ramps up rather than allowing Kim Jong Un’s ties to President Trump become a liability in 2020.

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