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HBO’s Chernobyl was intended to compare Soviet Union to Trump (and failed)



HBOs Chernobyl was intended to compare Soviet Union to Trump and failed

This may sound like a stupid take and it probably is, but it is not I who said this, rather the show writer and producer Craig Mazan made such a claim about his intentions with HBO’s Chernobyl. It’s worth noting that the story of Chernobyl does not on it’s surface raise any comparison to Trump without superficial understanding or intellectual dishonesty. But in an age of political hyperbole and rampant TDS, factually inept comparisons run rampant. And on this occasion, the herald for TDS is Stephen King.

First of all, it was a Soviet reactor or a Ukrainian reactor by virtue of being in Ukraine. This sets up my second point: the Soviet Union or USSR was not just some Russian dictatorship. To assert such trivializes the genocide and ignores the deeper Marxist roots that were embedded in the nation’s founding. In fact, USSR stands for Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. This acronym sounds conspicuously like “Democratic Socialism” but manages to convey their values all the same. In the past, I have gone into more extensive detail in If Trump was literally Hitler where I break down just how dumb comparing Trump to Hitler was. The Soviet Union being, unfortunately, even worse than Hitler makes an even worse comparison.

This rather ridiculous, though not out of character, take by Stephen King was supported by Craig Mazin. The gold seal of approval was rendered.

Craig Mazan clearly intended for HBO’s Chernobyl to be a dis-track on Conservatives and then mocks Conservatives who praised his work. But the tweet by Daniel Pulliam solidified a ratio towards the producer.

Craig Mazin wants to disassociate the Soviet Union from socialism and it seems as though his efforts were in vain. Conservative pundits didn’t get the message because they have a clearer understanding of the Soviet Union. This raises the question as to whether Craig Mazan completely failed at what he was trying to do or not. Overtly comparing the Soviet Union to the Trump administration was received as analogical yoga on Twitter.

Given Craig Mazen’s TDS it’s very possible he intended to compare the Soviet Union to the Trump but because the comparison is such a stretch, especially in the wake of Democrats overtly embracing socialism, the effort failed as evident by his need to constantly explain his own meaning. In writing, if the author has to explain what was meant by the work because everyone missed it, usually it’s the writer at fault. There are exceptions ie people who don’t realize Hakuna Matata is the antithesis of what The Lion King was conveying.

I cannot judge whether Craig Mazen succeeded in his messaging. I am too butthurt by HBO screwing up Game of Thrones to give them a chance so soon, and my subscription is ended. If I want Chernobyl, I’ll watch Chernobyl Diaries or play Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare. Trying to disassociate the Soviet Union from socialism is a special kind of revisionist history. It’s an impossible task which seems to be why HBO’s Chernobyl has received acclaim while the Craig Mazen is desperately trying to make it about Trump.

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