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Countering China



Countering China

First of all, we need to get our priorities in order, recognize the threat and accept America’s role as a world leader once again. We are being both surrounded by China and penetrated by China.


Schools in the United States are being used for indoctrination by Chinese operatives who report to the Chinese government and who present the Chinese agenda to our impressionable children. These kids will be our next generation of leaders who have been taught that Communist China is their role model.


China is no longer just the distant enemy across the Pacific. China is developing a port in the Bahamas within a hundred miles of the coast of Florida where they can position their warships. They are active in Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean. Their influence is spreading throughout all of Central and South America.


Now there is real reason to believe that the United States might not be able to prevail in a naval war against the People’s Republic of China. First let’s look at some recent tweets from experts in the Asia-Pacific region.

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Make the upgrading of our military capabilities vis-á-vis China one of our highest national priorities. Congress holds the purse strings to our national budget. President Trump needs to sit down immediately with his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff plus his civilian cabinet members and military experts. Then a classified briefing needs to be delivered to Congress along with budgetary requests to regain naval as well as air superiority over our Chinese foes.


Beginning with a Head of State level communication with our closest allies augmented by an urgent diplomatic initiative, the United States needs to assemble a coalition of military powers to stand firm against China.

At the moment, our major partners in such an effort would have to focus on Japan, India and France. Japan and India are within the Indo-Pacific Theater. France has long had territories in the Pacific Basin and has recently sailed through the Taiwan Strait in Freedom of Navigation Operations.

Increasing cooperation should be sought with Australia which is the major Western power in proximity to the Pacific. The Association of Southeast Asian Nations [ASEAN] and its constituents should be cultivated as China works to draw them away from the United States sphere of influence.


Spratly Islands and surrounding countries

A big circle should be drawn around this area on the map on every computer screen in every U.S. government agency. It could very well be the flash point for World War III. It is strategic militarily and lies near vital international commercial shipping lines. It may also turn out to be a resource for oil and gas exploration and development.


The frustration of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, as he paradoxically seeks closer trade and cultural ties with China and simultaneously sees Beijing encroaching on Manila’s maritime domain, has drawn the United States into the conflict. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently promised that the USA has the Philippines’ back against China in this dispute. But so far, those assurances are mostly just words. The recent joint op, Balikatan 2019, was designed to display American-Filipino solidarity.

But since Chinese warships have longer range missiles than ours do and because China also has missiles deployed around the Spratlys, it is essential that nothing cause China to launch a first strike. Nor is it likely that the United States would want to act preemptively.

So right now, it really all comes down to deterrence. Xi Jinping and his People’s Liberation Army Navy need to understand that the price they would pay in an armed conflict would not be worth it. They must realize that a Pyrrhic victory would do much more harm than good to China.

Xi doing naval review


As this presidential campaign further divides Americans and pits us against one another, it is hoped that if there still be any rational and sane members of Congress, and if any of the Democrat hopefuls vying to become Commander in Chief truly love our country, that they will all step back from the brink.

Take a deep breath.

Work together to thwart our mutual enemies.

China is not the only threat. So is Iran. So are non-state actors that recruit and deploy Islamic terrorists.

China's Harbin (112) guided missile destroyer takes part in a week-long China-Russia navy exercise

But stop and think what a naval battle lost to China in the South China Sea would do. We might never regain our military superiority. Our respect and prestige in the world would be gone. Our very national security would indeed be vulnerable.

Remember that Democrat President Harry Truman authorized dropping the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki only as a last resort. Let’s don’t ever put another U.S. Commander in Chief in a situation to have to make such an irrevocable decision.

This is where Chinese interests coincide with those of Americans. Neither side wants Beijing to become a nuclear target. Hopefully, Xi Jinping can fathom the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction [MAD].

Xi and Trump

De-escalation is in order. China can make the first move in that direction by abandoning Thitu/Pag-Asa Island in the Spratlys to respect the sovereignty of their smaller neighbor, Philippines.

A military conflict between China and the United States is a no-win situation for countries both great and small. Benevolence behooves Beijing far better than belligerence!

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