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China is taking over the world



China is taking over the world

There is not one inch of soil or one cubit of water on planet Earth that China does not seek to include in its dominion. I have never seen such ambition to control the whole planet. Even in World War II, the Axis powers were regional with Nazi Germany in Europe and North Africa and Japan in Asia and the Pacific. Two enemies on two different fronts.

But China has its tentacles on every continent and many of the islands of the seas already. The Belt and Road Initiative Forum in China this week laid out euphemistic versions of Beijing’s plan for smaller countries.

That was followed by a naval exercise in which Southeastern Asian countries are actually sailing with the adversary they should be opposing. They have co-opted governments to further their own demise by entrusting their future to the Chinese dragon.

See recent NOQ Report article “Eyes on the Pacific“. This is a fast developing story. You can follow virtually daily updates in Twitter at @OverHorizon808.

Here are two updates since that was published:

As revisiting the nature of socialism becomes a huge part of the current U.S. presidential campaign, the Communist government of the People’s Republic of China is ever so steadily eroding United States influence everywhere.

Another time, we will look at the domestic horrors within China where nearly a billion and a half people are denied basic human rights. There is no freedom of faith or worship or conscience. House churches of Christians are being betrayed to the totalitarian government. The media will not even accurately tell you of the mutually destructive standoff between the Communist Chinese government and terrorist-inclined Muslim Uyghurs in Xinjiang.

Call me a cynic, but I’m convinced that the power of reason has an effective rate of 0% in this current U.S. political campaign. Otherwise, it would be all about stopping China from taking over the world.

Stay tuned to NOQ Report for updates on both the domestic and international fronts.

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