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Governor Phil Murphy recall petition shows Democratic socialism is too radical, even for New Jersey



Governor Phil Murphy recall petition shows Democratic socialism is too radical even for New Jersey

The gears are moving in the monumental effort to recall Democratic Governor Phil Murphy in New Jersey. This follows a long string of policy changes that have many New Jerseyites scratching their heads, including declaring sanctuary state status to favor illegal immigrants over New Jersey citizens.

“The petition was approved to finish off a week of bombshell national and local news including the Vindication of President Trump on the collusion delusion, the corrupt dropping of all felony charges against Race baiting hoaxer Jesse Smollett, and the March on Trenton,” said former gubernatorial candidate Hirsh Singh.

My Take

There is zero doubt Murphy’s tenure has been problematic. We covered the challenges his campaign had after a staffer, Katie Brennan, accused a high-ranking member of Murphy’s staff had raped her.

Katie Brennan story would be nationally covered if her alleged rapist were a Republican

Katie Brennan claims she was raped. She reported the incident to the police. After their investigation, they said there wasn’t enough evidence to arrest and convict her alleged rapist. Undaunted, Brennan worked her way up the ladder until finally calling on Governor Phil Murphy himself, a man she volunteered for in his election campaign, to meet with her and discuss the alleged rapist on his payroll.

The task ahead is daunting. Now that the recall petition is approved, efforts will have to yield 1.4 million signatures in 160 days to trigger a recall election.

Can it be done? Sure. But they’ll be going against a concerted effort by the Governor’s office to win back the trust of the voters. Essentially, the Governor can double-dip by campaigning against the collection of the signatures and for his reelection should a recall be triggered all in one set of actions, giving him a 160-day head start.

Even if the efforts fail, it’s a good sign that even in far-left New Jersey, the appetite for the most radical progressive ideas just isn’t there. Conservatives and moderates must continue to hammer home the reality that socialism is a recipe for failure.

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