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Georgia’s ‘Heartbeat Bill’ bans most abortions after around the sixth week of pregnancy



A big win for pro-lifers passed Georgia’s legislature yesterday as the “Heartbeat Bill” was sent to Republican Governor Brian Kemp’s desk. He is expected to sign it, giving Georgia one of the most pro-life stances on abortion in the nation.

Once doctors can detect a heartbeat in the fetus, they will no longer be allowed to perform most abortions. This usually occurs around the sixth week of pregnancy, framing the narrative behind the likely course detractors will take in their lawsuits against the new law. The ACLU and others will argue that many women are unaware they’re even pregnant at this point in their pregnancy, rendering the Heartbeat Bill too limiting for those who would seek an abortion otherwise.

My Take

As I’ve stated numerous times, we must take every avenue possible in educating the people about abortion and more importantly about the lives in the womb. This bill will get challenged and there’s a good chance it will at least be delayed if not overturned. Going through legal channels can only get us so far in our desire to have an abortion-free America.

With that said, it’s still wonderful to see a chance of greatly curtailing abortions in the the state. As long as they also work to improve the adoption process and availability of adopters, there shouldn’t be many valid arguments against this bill. It often comes down to a lifestyle choice, which is why so many in America are willing to dismiss the personhood of preborn babies while claiming the rights of women are being violated by such measures. As always, we must ask about the rights of those who have no voice, no defense, and every right to life that you and I have.

We support all efforts to make this bill a law and to expand the reach by pressing for similar laws in other states. We must fight on both the cultural and political front. On the latter, this is an exceptional victory.

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