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Matt Walsh on his new Lamborghini and the student debt issue



Matt Walsh on his new Lamborghini and the student debt issue

Over normally not a fan of modern day parables. Biblical parables are so impressive, it makes our attempt today seem weak 99 times out of 100. Matt Walsh presented the parable of the Lamborghini today and it’s worth noting.

He framed it nicely in his article, “I Bought A Lamborghini But Now I Don’t Want To Pay For It. I Demand Lamborghini Loan Forgiveness.

As I propose — no, I demand — Lamborghini loan forgiveness. It is simply unfair that I have saddled myself with this unspeakable financial burden. It is the worst injustice I have ever perpetrated against myself, and I demand restitution. I don’t really care how the matter is resolved, just as long as it ends with me cruising debt-free down the highway in my bright yellow Lambo. Yes, I will be keeping the car. I’m not asking for a refund here — I’m talking about forgiveness. The debt should be wiped clean. Like it never happened. Poof. Gone.

The moral of the story is a condemnation against the privileged folks coming out of college who now believe they shouldn’t have dp pay back their student loans. Personal responsibility got our decisions used to be a hallmark of American exceptionalism. But between poor parenting, leftist propaganda, and of course good ol’ fashioned progressive indoctrination in American universities, many students are buying into the notion that the obligation they agreed to when they first went to college should be forcibly forgiven.

Democrats are latching onto this idea, as expected, by crying alongside the snowflakes and offering to forgive the debt. It’s not that they’ve earned the right or they’ve been wronged by someone who took advantage of their goodwill. They signed up for expensive colleges knowing they should have to pay back the loans, yet more they’re pretending like they were somehow made a victim.

Student debt isn’t the crisis that it’s being framed as by Democrats. It’s a bribe to get people who made poor choices in their youth to vote Democrat for the sake of financial gain. Of course, the resulting skyrocketing college prices isn’t their problem.

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