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Freedom From Religion Foundation: Birth control is a right, religious freedom in business, not so much



Donald Trump’s recent order rolling back Obamacare’s Birth Control Mandate that forces business to provide something that runs contrary to the owners’ faith and convictions was big news a few weeks ago.


You have heard that first wave progressive group ACLU is going to fight this, and so will another first wave progressive group. That being the “Freedom From Religion Foundation.” FFRF cried foul on this, and consider this action a “perversion of Religious Liberty.” In their small minds, “religious dogma should not Trump our civil liberties;” unless of course it’s their dogma. When it comes to abortion rights so called (i.g. child killing/pre-born baby murder), it is absolute and not ‘relative’ like they claim when it comes to questioning moral absolutes based on Judeo-Christian “dogma.” The FFRF and other like minds want ‘abortion on demand’ (cause as FFRF well tell you “Abortion is a Blessing”) and the right for women (it helps men to push their women to kill their unborn child as well) to copulate like animals but not procreated like the animals.


Truth of matter is, that animals don’t have that flexibility when it comes to sexual relationships. First wave progressive groups like the ACLU and FFRF don’t want to just force business owners, but faith groups to violate their consciences and personal convictions (must be brushed aside for the State Sanctioned Civil Religion) so that women can be sexually liberated once and for all.

FFRF’s favorite historical idol is posted on their press release. That being Margaret Sanger who popularized the term; “No Gods, No Masters.” They also like her advocacy about women controlling their own bodies regardless of whom it hurts (mostly the unborn babies regardless of they are boys or girls). Sanger actual said that women must be able not only to create but to also destroy. She also must be able to love, and to be an unmarried mother. Wonder why “Murphy Brown” creator Diane English called Dan Quayle’s bluff (back in the early 1990’s) when he got upset about the title character deciding to copulate, procreate but not marry the father? Well you have Sanger to thank for that kind of thinking. You don’t like out of wedlock birth, then keep abortion legal. Hey it would give pop singer turned fashionista Jessica Simpson cover when she had her two children out of the wedlock many years later in the real world. Unlike the ‘fictional character’ that David Letterman reminded us who Murphy Brown was, Simpson actually did marry the man that knocked her up, vice versa. Good for them.

Trump’s orders against contraception pervert “religious liberty” | FFRF

FFRF has warned about the problems with that decision itself. One of the problems it creates is the encouragement of a “new race to the bottom.” By allowing companies to exempt themselves from regulation by claiming a religious belief, the decision (and now these rules) emboldens companies to adopt religious beliefs to gain a competitive edge and be exempted from federal laws.

The Takeaway

Still the feminist dogma of the popular culture made its macro impact, as Benjamin Wilhelm points out in his piece about “Nice Guys” in the 21st Century finishing last. Men are indeed paying the price and feminism has damaged out culture, and our relationships with the opposite gender. The conservative Bible Believing Christian Church is not immune to this. Even if certain elements (that are honestly Bible Believing) support gender roles over egalitarianism, and fight against child killing. When you hear women tell you to stay out of the lady parts, they are just mouthing off Sanger. It should also be noted that she was also a proud sexual whole.