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Too many rules ruin the spirit of competition. And government



With all the talk about sports lately, it got me thinking about how sports are being ruined, and that got me thinking about how government is being ruined.

Pick a sport. Any sport with referees. Anyone who is a fan of that sport will tell you that refs who get too involved in calling penalties make the game worse. Let the players compete, and only interject when there are blatant violations of the rules. Governments should be like sports referees. They should be making sure people are following the rules, and punishing those who don’t. But if they make too many rules, thus making it nearly impossible to play without breaking one, they have exceeded their boundaries.

Years ago, when the NFL changed the rules of pass interference, the result was that it became much harder for a defender to prevent a receiver from catching a pass. Many teams noticed this dramatic shift and changed their approach to playing the game. In other words, knowing how easy it was to get a penalty called on the other team, many teams opted to throw the ball up and let their receiver do their best acting job any time they didn’t catch the ball. Similarly in basketball, the way fouls are called can be such a ridiculous advantage, you will often see even the best superstars “flop” and pretend to get fouled much worse than they actually were.

This exact thing happens with governments too. When companies like Apple and Google can get away with paying no taxes, it’s because they adjusted their “playing style” to new regulations which have overstepped their influence. Likewise, when the government can force citizens who don’t want to purchase health insurance to pay a $2500 fine because they labeled it a tax, the refs have become too involved in the outcome of the competition.

A very common theme that occurs when the balance of power shifts after an election is that those who were in power start complaining about the new “officials” being unfair to their party. It’s quite the spectacle to see those who were just in power, go from smirking to whining overnight when the rules are no longer being called in their favor. It’s a lot like being on offense and now handing over the ball and playing defense. You get upset when the refs call penalties on your team, but delighted when the penalty is called on the other team. I’m just gonna point out the obvious here… You think you’re mad that the refs are being unfair to your team, but what both of you are really saying is… there are too many rules!

What conservatives believe is that the refs shouldn’t be such a big part of the game. Too many rules make it impossible to enjoy the triumph of victory or pick yourself up after defeat. Many on the Left think conservatives want no rules, but that isn’t so. We just want them cut back enough to allow us each to succeed or fail on our own merit.

Sure, it’s nice when your team gets the call, but wouldn’t it be better if both teams were just competing, without technicalities? Just let them play!