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Jim Jordan uses Fiona Hill’s own words to debunk her impeachment presumptions



Dr. Fiona Hill was the blockbuster witness the Democrats saved until the end. She was the closer, the deal-sealer, and the nail that was supposed to be the last one going into President Trump’s political coffin. Except, she wasn’t. Contrary to mainstream media’s false narrative, she presented nothing of substance except for one thing, and Representative Jim Jordan used that piece of substance to point out the insanity of the Democrats’ action the last three years.

Hill had noted Russians interfered in the 2016 election to divide the nation. It’s true. They supplied the Democrats with all the fake ammunition they needed to prompt former FBI Director Jim Comey to investigate the Trump campaign and the early days of his presidency for 10 months. Then, information provided by Russians was used to get the Mueller investigation running for nearly two more years. Russians clearly divided us, but not in the way Hill likely meant.

Watch this passionate soliloquy from Jim Jordan as he laments the debacle that has engulfed our nation since President Trump won the 2016 election. There is Russian-fueled division in America, and it’s coming from the Democrats.

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