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Impeachment poll flips as Independent support for the inquiry takes a nosedive



Impeachment poll flips as Independent support for the inquiry takes a nosedive

Last month, a strong plurality of Independent voters supported the impeachment inquiry. That was before they got to see what the Democrats were actually up to. Now that the impeachment hearing has gone public and the people are seeing the ludicrous stretches of innuendos and presumptions being rolled out by House Intelligence Committee Chair Adam Schiff and his merry band of Democrats, support among Independents has plummeted.

The latest Emerson College poll shows only 34% of Independents support the impeachment inquiry compared to 49% who oppose it. This is a flip from October when 48% of Independents supported it versus 39% who opposed it. It’s the second poll in a row that shows support fading rapidly for an inquiry that appears to have failed miserably at proving its case.

What makes matters worse for Democrats is that these numbers are in spite of nonstop coverage by mainstream media propping up the Democrats’ insinuations by highlighting “bombshells” with every new testimony they examine. The major networks fail to cover any of the important points made by Republicans when questioning the witnesses. This is just another reason readers should financially support independent, truthful news to counter the propaganda pushed forth by progressive legacy media.

Despite all the sound and fury signifying nothing, the impeachment inquiry has failed to properly illuminate the facts, at least as it’s being said by Republicans on the committee. They may not get the same freedoms their Democratic cohorts receive, but they’re getting the message out, like Representative Jim Jordan did when questioning Dr. Fiona Hill:

Jim Jordan uses Fiona Hill’s own words to debunk her impeachment presumptions Fiona Hill was the blockbuster witness the Democrats saved until the end. She was the closer, the deal-sealer, and the nail that was supposed to be the last one going into President Trump’s political coffin. Except, she wasn’t. Contrary to mainstream media’s false narrative, she presented nothing of substance except for one thing, and Representative Jim Jordan used that piece of substance to point out the insanity of the Democrats’ action the last three years.

Hill had noted Russians interfered in the 2016 election to divide the nation. It’s true. They supplied the Democrats with all the fake ammunition they needed to prompt former FBI Director Jim Comey to investigate the Trump campaign and the early days of his presidency for 10 months. Then, information provided by Russians was used to get the Mueller investigation running for nearly two more years. Russians clearly divided us, but not in the way Hill likely meant.

It only gets worse for the Democrats from here. If they do vote to impeach the President, as most pundits expect, then it goes to the Senate where things are going to take a much uglier turn for the witnesses. Moreover, it will expose the Democrats to testimonies of others who were not included in the congressional hearings, witnesses who may not only paint the impeachment inquiry poorly but who may also expose Democrats to further scrutiny for their actions surrounding it, including the need for alleged whistleblower Eric Ciaramella to testify.

Democrats envisioned impeachment as being the launching point for them to secure victories across the board in 2020. But this ill-advised move is much more likely to be the political earthquake that starts a major red wave in next year’s elections.

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